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Forthcoming Meetings

International and regional meetings which are entirely mycological or have a major mycological component.


IUMS XIV International Congress of Mycology

[with the Congresses of Bacteriology and Applied Microbiology, and also Virology]

27 July–August 2014

Montreal, Canada

Contact: <>

figure 1

10 th International Mycological Congress (IMC10)

3–8 August 2014

Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand

Contact: <;

8 th International Congress on the Systematics and Ecology of Myxomycetes

11–15 August 2014

Jilin Agricultural, University in Jilin Province, China

Contact: Qi Wang;

VIII Latin-American Congress of Mycology (VIII CLAM) Colombia: the Crossroads of Latin-America’s Fungal Diversity

4–7 November 2014

Centro de Convenciones Plaza Mayor, Medellín, Colombia

Contact: Aida Vasco;


CBS Symposium Genera of Fungi

22–23 April 2015

Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Contact: e-mail:

CBS Second International Workshop on Ascomycete Systematics

24–25 April 2015

CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Contact: e-mail:

6 th Congress of European Microbiologists (FEMS2015)

7–12 June 2015

Maastricht, The Netherlands

Contact: Kenes International; e-mail:

8 th International Conference on Mycorrhiza (ICOM8) Mycorrhizal Integration across Continents and Scales

3–7 August 2015

Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

Contact: Cathering Gehring or Nancy Johnson; e-mails: and

Asian Mycological Congress

August 2015

Goa, India

Contact: To be announced

17 th Congress of European Mycologists

21–25 September 2015

Madeira, Portugal

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