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Table 2 Actions on nomenclature proposals considered by the Fungal Nomenclature Session of IMC11. Abbreviations: ed.c. = referred to the Editorial Committee; rej.g.v. = rejected on Guiding vote; sp-p.c. = referred to a Special-purpose Committee

From: XI International Mycological Congress: report of Congress action on nomenclature proposals relating to fungi

Proposal % “No” (Guiding vote) Congress action
Proposals submitted by 1 March 2018, included in Synopsis of proposals (May & Redhead 2018)
F-001 37.2 ed.c
F-002 44.8 rejected
F-003 33.0 accepted
F-004 32.5 ed.c
F-005 88.8 rej.g.v., reintroduced, sp-p.c
F-006 86.1 rej.g.v., reintroduced, sp-p.c
F-007 66.8 accepted after amendment1
Proposals “from thefloor” (see Table 1)
F-008 n/a withdrawn
F-009 n/a withdrawn
F-010 n/a withdrawn
F-011 n/a sp-p.c (as suggested)
F-012 n/a sp-p.c
F-013 n/a sp-p.c
F-014 n/a accepted after amendment and withdrawal of certain portions2
F-015 n/a rejected
F-016 n/a rejected
F-017 n/a rejected
F-018 n/a withdrawn
  1. 1Proposal F-007 was amended so that the first sentence became an Article, and the second sentence a Recommendation, with addition of words “already published” before name of organisms, and “subsequent to the protologue” after “may be used”.
  2. 2In proposal F-014, proposed additions of Art. F.5.9 and to Rec. F.5A in the original proposal were accepted, but the proposal was otherwise amended by: (a) deleting proposed additional wording under Art. F.5.1., and proposed new Art. F.5.6 and F5.7; (b) withdrawing proposed new Art. F.5.8; and (c) adding the following wording: F-014(1) “Art. F.5.1 bis. When the identifier issued for a name by a recognized repository is cited incorrectly in the protologue, that name may nevertheless be validly published, provide that the identifier for the name was issued prior to valid publication. The identifier cited in the protologue is treated as a correctable error” and F-014(2) “Art. F.5.1 ter. An identifier remains associated with the name or designation for which it was issued. In order for a designation to become validly published, a separate identifier must be obtained.”