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Fig. 2

From: A multigene phylogeny toward a new phylogenetic classification of Leotiomycetes

Fig. 2

Summary tree from the ML analysis based on 15 concatenated sequences. Names for the collapsed family level clades are those accepted in this paper and generally the clades follow Baral (2016), the clades labelled Han 4, 7, 9 are those recognized in Han et al. (2014). Helotiales sensu Baral (2016) is divided into several informal clades based on bootstrap support in both this tree and Bayesian PP support in the genome-scale phylogeny (Fig. 1). The labels for taxa which are not included in one of the family-level clades include the voucher specimen from which the sequences were obtained, the type status of the specimen (whether it is the ex-type specimen of the type species for that genus, or whether it has been identified as the type species for that genus), the family in which it was placed by Baral (2016), if it was treated in that work, and the source of the genome data for those that have had their genome sequenced. Bootstrap values 90% or greater indicated, in a few cases lower bootstrap values for a few key branches are also indicated. Figures 3, 4, 5 and 6 provide detail of species included in each clade

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