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Fig. 3

From: Biodiversity of Lecanosticta pine-needle blight pathogens suggests a Mesoamerican Centre of origin

Fig. 3

Lecanosticta jani (CMW38958; CMW38950; CMW48831; CMW47109; CMW51058; CMW51143) a-b Two wk. old colonies on MEA. A represents Type 1 colonies (CMW38950) and B represents Type 2 colonies (CMW48831). c-h Conidiogenous cells giving rise to conidia on MEA, with swollen globose basal cells of the conidiophores in E, F and H as well as annelations (see arrow) in G. i-k Swollen conidiogenous cells and conidia on MEA. Note endospore formation and germination in I. l Conidia on MEA. Bars: K = 50 μm; C-F and H-L = 10 μm; G = 5 μm

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