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Fig. 6

From: Biodiversity of Lecanosticta pine-needle blight pathogens suggests a Mesoamerican Centre of origin

Fig. 6

Lecanosticta variabilis (CMW42205; CMW37125). a Colony on MEA with luteus exudate diffusing into medium. b-c Conidiogenous cells giving rise to conidia on MEA. d-h Various conidial shapes and sizes on MEA. f Germinating conidia on MEA. g-h Swollen conidial cells giving rise to smaller conidia. i Conjugation tube formation between two conidia. j Conidium disintegrating on MEA. Bars: B-C, F-I = 10 μm; E, J = 5 μm; D = 2,5 μm

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