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Table 2 Primers used for PCR amplification and sequencing in this study

From: Biodiversity of Lecanosticta pine-needle blight pathogens suggests a Mesoamerican Centre of origin

Locus Primer name Direction Primer sequence 5′ to 3’ Annealing temperature used (°C) Amplification success Reference
BT1 Bt1a Forward TTC CCC CGT CTC CAC TTC TTC ATG 50 87.4% Glass and Donaldson 1995
  Bt1b Reverse GAC GAG ATC GTT CAT GTT GAA CTC 50   Glass and Donaldson 1995
BT2a T1 Forward AAC ATG CGT GAG ATT GTA AGT 52 O’Donnell and Cigelnik 1997
  β-Sandy-R Reverse GCR CGN GGV ACR TAC TTG TT 52   Stukenbrock et al. 2012
  Bt2a Forward GGT AAC CAA ATC GGT GCT GCT TTC 52 Glass and Donaldson 1995
  Bt2b Reverse ACC CTC AGT GTA GTG ACC CTT GGC 52   Glass and Donaldson 1995
TEF1 EF1-728F Forward CAT CGA GAA GTT CGA GAA GG 52 88.2% Carbone and Kohn 1999
  EF-2 Reverse GGA RGT ACC AGT SAT CAT GTT 52   O’Donnell et al. 1998
ITS ITS1 Forward GAA GTA AAA GTC GTA ACA AGG 56 100% White et al. 1990
  ITS4 Reverse TCC TCC GCT TAT TGA TAT GC 56   White et al. 1990
MS204 MS204F.cerato Forward AAG GGC ACC CTC GAG GGC CAC 55 71.7% Fourie et al. 2015
  MS204R.cerato Reverse GAT GGT RAC GGT GTT GAT GTA 55   Fourie et al. 2015
RPB2 RPB2-5f2 Forward GGG GWG AYC AGA AGA AGG C 56 82.7% Sung et al. 2007
  fRPB2-7cR Reverse CCC ATR GCT TGY TTR CCC AT 56   Liu et al. 1999
  1. aBT2 amplification success using all primer combinations was very low and abandoned