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Table 1 Morphological characters, character states, and hosts for aphelid taxa

From: A taxonomic summary of Aphelidiaceae

Taxon Spore size (μm), shape Flagellum (L, μm) Cyst Resting spore size (μm), shape Host
Aphelidium: Aph. chaetophorae 2.7–3, spherical 9 not observed not observed Chaetophora elegans
Aph. chlorococcorum f. chlorococcorum 1.5–2, “stiletto” pseudopodia 8 sessile or short stalk 7–13 × 5–6.5, ellipsoidal Scenedesmus, chlorococcus algae (green algae)
Aph. chlorococcorum f. majus 2–3, spherical, conic “stiletto” anterior pseudopodium 14 stalked 5 × 8, ellipsoidal Kirchneriella obesa, Ankistrodesmus (green algae)
Aph. deformans 2-3, spherical unknown not observed 12–30 diam, round to oval Coleochaete soluta (green alga)
Aph. desmodesmi ~2, spherical, sub-spherical, angular numerous thin filopodia ~ 6 stalked not observed Desmodesmus opoliensis (green alga)
Aph. melosirae 4 × 6, pleomorphic ~ 10 sessile 12–14 × 10, oval Melosira varians (diatom)
Aph. tribonematis 2–3, oval, numerous filopodia 6–8 sessile or short stalk 6–7, spherical, residual body outside Tribonema gayanum, Botridiopsis intercedens (yellow-green algae)
Paraphelidium: Pa. letcheri 2–2.5, spherical, With a lamellipodium and subfilopodia 8–10 sessile or short stalk 6–8, spherical, single wall, residual body outside Tribonema gayanum
Pa. tribonematis 2–2.5, oval, a broad anterior lamellipodium; a few lateral and anterior subfilopodia ~ 7 stalked 8–10, ellipsoid, two-walled, residual bodies between the two walls Tribonema gayanum
Amoeboaphelidium: Am. achnanthis ~2 long unknown unknown unknown Achnanthes lanceolata (diatom)
Am. chlorellavorum 1–2, amoeboid unknown sessile 3–7, spherical Chlorella spp. (green alga)
Am. occidentale 1.3–2.7, spherical, sub-spherical, elongate 7–10 stalked unknown Scenedesmus dimorphus
Am. protococcorum 2–4, spherical to elongate, numerous pseudopodia, thin trichipodia, thick lobopodia ~ 7 sessile 4–6 × 5–7, oval Scenedesmus, Protococcus, chlorococcus algae
Am. radiatum 1–3, spherical, numerous filopodia unknown stalked unknown Kirchneriella, Ankistrodesmus, chlorococcus algae
Pseudaphelidium: Ps. drebesii 3 × 5, elongate 15 sessile unknown Thalassiosira punctigera (marine diatom)