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Fig. 13

From: The extremely halotolerant black yeast Hortaea werneckii - a model for intraspecific hybridization in clonal fungi

Fig. 13

Conidia of Hortaea werneckii strains grown on oatmeal agar (OA) for 14 days at 25 °C. a EXF-120. b EXF-157. c EXF-161. d EXF-171. e EXF-247. f EXF-562. g EXF-631. h EXF-2516. i EXF-2687. j EXF-2690. k EXF-2785. l EXF-2788. m EXF-3506. n EXF-4625. o EXF-6651. p EXF-6654. r EXF-6656. s EXF-6669. t EXF-7620. u EXF-10508. v EXF-10512. w EXF-10513. x EXF-11537. Bar = 10 μm (for all)

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