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Table 1 Features of the Botryosphaeria dothidea LW-Hubei isolate genome

From: Comprehensive analysis of full genome sequence and Bd-milRNA/target mRNAs to discover the mechanism of hypovirulence in Botryosphaeria dothidea strains on pear infection with BdCV1 and BdPV1

FeaturesB. dothidea LW-Hubei isolate
Assembly statisticsSize (Mb)46.34
HiSeq data (coverage)6835 Mb (147×)
PacBio data (coverage)3721 Mb (80×)
Total contig numbers (length)68 (46,328,675 bp)
Total scaffold number (length)49 (46,346,907 bp)
N50 contig (bp)2,722,300
N50 scaffold (bp)3,265,504
G + C content (%)54.27
Chromosome no.0
Genome componentsProtein-coding gene numbers (Length/genome length)14,091 (51.21%)
Average gene length (bp)1684
Gene density (#gene per Mb)304
Exons numbers (length/genome length)43,305 (43.89%)
Average exon length (bp)469.68
Intron numbers (length/genome length)29,214 bp (7.33%)
Average intron length (bp)116.26
tRNA genes137
TEs and repeat size and % in genome4.31 Mb and 9.3%