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Table 2 The percentage of different types of repetitive elements in the Botryosphaeria dothidea LW-Hubei isolate genome

From: Comprehensive analysis of full genome sequence and Bd-milRNA/target mRNAs to discover the mechanism of hypovirulence in Botryosphaeria dothidea strains on pear infection with BdCV1 and BdPV1

Repeat elementsMethodTypeDNALINELTRSINEunknownTandem RepeatTotal
TERepbase TEsLength (bp)124,634528,773906,058196218561,546,903
% of genome0.26891.1401.95490.00420.0043.3377
Protein Mask TEsLength (bp)159,623931,1181,525,603002,613,914
% of genome0.34442.0093.2917005.6399
De novo TEsLength (bp)82,2801,122,4692,001,4970602,4123,796,845
% of genome0.17752.42194.318501.29988.1922
Combined TEsLength (bp)216,2541,216,4682,132,9091962604,2684,089,081
% of genome0.46662.62474.60210.00421.30388.8228
TRTRFLength (bp)307,386307,386
 % of genome0.66320.6632
Repeat sequencesTotalLength (bp) 4,309,902
% of genome 9.2992
  1. Note:“-” indicate no data were obtained