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Fig. 5

From: Analysis of spatio-temporal fungal growth dynamics under different environmental conditions

Fig. 5

Evolution of mycelial area (cm2) over time for C. puteana at 20 °C (a) and 75%RH (b), showing a clear combined effect of temperature and RH. The dots represent the mean values over four replicates, with the bars indicating the standard deviation. For each graph, six pairwise GCT and MWT were performed between the four conditions represented in that graph. The two colour scales indicate for how many of those pairwise comparisons a difference was found according to GCT (blue) and MWT (green). The third scale represents the difference between the average DTW distance between the four conditions represented in the graph and a reference ground value, being the average DTW distance over the replicates in that graph. The bigger the bar, the more difference there is between conditions. When the DTW scale is negligibly small, the difference between conditions is insignificant compared to the reference DTW difference between replicates

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