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Fig. 3

From: Addressing the diversity of Xylodon raduloides complex through integrative taxonomy

Fig. 3

Species tree obtained from *BEAST applying multi-locus species coalescent approach for the four DNA regions used in the analyses (ITS, LSU, rpb2 and tef-1α) and results from niche overlap analyses. Tree topology represents Model-C obtained from the ITS analyses. Posterior probabilities are shown as supports for each node. Blue background trees represent bootstrap gene tree topologies obtained from *BEAST. Diagonal maps show locations of the specimens. The upper right triangle of the matrix represents the results from niche overlap analyses. P-values of the equivalence test are shown above each histogram of randomization procedures. The bottom left triangle of the matrix shows species niches resulting from PCA analysis. The blue areas show overlapping environmental niches, while green and red represent niche ranges for row and column species, respectively. Shaded areas indicate kernel distributions for row species. Solid and dotted lines represent environmental availability for the whole study area

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