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Fig. 5

From: Addressing the diversity of Xylodon raduloides complex through integrative taxonomy

Fig. 5

Basidioma of Xylodon species. a. Xylodon raduloides (755MD, MA-Fungi 12,864). b, c. Xylodon laurentianus (B. HHB-719, CFMR, holotype; C. DLL2009–049, CFMR). d–f. Xylodon patagonicus (D. 19684Tell., MA-Fungi 90,707, holotype; E. 14,180 MD, MA-Fungi 90,702, young specimen; F. 19705Tell., MA-Fungi 90,706, old specimen). g, h. Xylodon novozelandicus (G. Paulus 98/20, PDD 70718, holotype; H. Paulus 98/104, PDD 70720). Bars = 1 mm

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