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Table 3 Number of unique single copy genes of each Tilletia species after the all versus all BLAST verification step

From: Genome sequencing and comparison of five Tilletia species to identify candidate genes for the detection of regulated species infecting wheat

  Number of single copy genes unique to a given species
Species Strains considered at the nucleotide level at the amino acid level
Tilletia caries DAOMC 238032 377 72
Tilletia controversa DAOMC 236426, DAOMC 238052 35 2
Tilletia laevis DAOMC 238040, ATCC 42080 13 1
Tilletia indica DAOMC 236416, DAOMC 236408, DAOMC 236414 61 2
Tilletia walkeri DAOMC 236422, DAOMC 238049 65 5