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Table 1 Selected fungal species and their mitogenome information

From: Proposal of a new nomenclature for introns in protein-coding genes in fungal mitogenomes

Fungal taxa Accession Length (nt) Phylum Class Order Family Code
Basal fungi
Rozella allomycis NC_021611 12,055 Cryptomycota     4
Rhizopus oryzae NC_006836 54,178 Mucoromycota   Mucorales Rhizopodaceae 1
Conidiobolus heterosporus MK049352 53,364 Zoopagomycota Entomophthoromycetes Entomophthorales Ancylistaceae 4
Allomyces macrogynus NC_001715 57,473 Blastocladiomycota Blastocladiomycetes Blastocladiales Blastocladiaceae 4
Hyaloraphidium curvatum NC_003048 29,593 Chytridiomycota Monoblepharidomycetes Monoblepharidales   4
Higher fungi
Candida albicans NC_002653 40,420 Ascomycota Saccharomycetes Saccharomycetales Debaryomycetaceae 4
Grosmannia piceiperda a FJ717837 2928 Ascomycota Sordariomycetes Ophiostomatales Ophiostomataceae  
Isaria cicadae MH922223 56,581 Ascomycota Sordariomycetes Hypocreales Cordycipitaceae 4
Neurospora crassa NC_026614 64,840 Ascomycota Sordariomycetes Sordariales Sordariaceae 4
Saccharomyces cerevisiae NC_001224 85,779 Ascomycota Saccharomycetes Saccharomycetales Saccharomycetaceae 3
Schizosaccharomyces pombe NC_001326 19,431 Ascomycota Schizosaccharomycetes Schizosaccharomycetales Schizosaccharomycetaceae 4
Tolypocladium inflatum NC_036382 25,328 Ascomycota Sordariomycetes Hypocreales Ophiocordycipitaceae 4
Cryptococcus neoformans NC_004336 24,874 Basidiomycota Tremellomycetes Tremellales Tremellaceae 4
Puccinia striiformis NC_039655 101,521 Basidiomycota Pucciniomycetes Pucciniales Pucciniaceae 4
Tilletia indica NC_009880 65,147 Basidiomycota Exobasidiomycetes Tilletiales Tilletiaceae 4
Tricholoma matsutake NC_028135 76,037 Basidiomycota Agaricomycetes Agaricales Tricholomataceae 4
  1. a For Grosmannia piceiperda, only sequences of the rnl gene are known. In this species, an rnl group IA intron (mL2449) encodes an rps3 gene which is further fragmented by the insertion of a group IC2 intron (Rudski and Hausner 2012)