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Fig. 3

From: How to resolve cryptic species of polypores: an example in Fomes

Fig. 3

Fomes inzengae. A. Basidiome of the lectotype (IB20160342) growing on Quercus cerris in the Natural Reserve of Cornocchia. B. Basidiome with new hymenophore formation (positive geotropical reaction) after falling of the host tree (IB20160343). C. Mycelia pure culture after 10 d on 3% MEA at 25 °C (IB20160342). D. Ground basidiome (IB20160342); note the ferruginous brown colour and fluffy consistence. E. Skeletal hyphae as formed after 5 d  on 3% MEA at 37 °C (IB20160342). F. Inflated intercalar and terminal hyphal elements after 5 d at 37 °C, stained with Congo red (IB20160342). Bars A-D = 1 cm; E-F = 10 μm

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