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Fig. 4

From: How to resolve cryptic species of polypores: an example in Fomes

Fig. 4

Fomes fomentarius. A. Basidiome growing on Fagus sylvatica in Tyrol (Austria) (IB20170012). B. Several basidiomes growing on a dead stem of Fagus sylvatica. C. Mycelia pure culture (IB20130016) after 10 d on 3% MEA at 25 °C. D. Ground basidiome (IB20170012); note the dark brown colour and granular consistence. E. Generative hyphae with clamp connections (IB20130016) as formed after 5 d on 3% MEA at 30 °C. F. Inflated intercalary and terminal hyphal elements (IB20130016) after 5 d at 37 °C. Bars A, C-D = 1 cm; E-F = 10 μm

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