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Table 2 Ancestral character state reconstruction Log Likelihood values for the basal node of the “>1Kb Gblocks” dataset phylogeny. The states estimated to be the best according to the Likelihood threshold are marked with an asterisk. LIC: lichen; RIF: rock-inhabiting fungus; PP: plant pathogen; SAP: saprotroph; EPI: epiphyte; AP: animal pathogen; FP: fungi pathogen; ECT: ectomycorrhiza; END: endophyte; EXT: extremophile

From: Genome-scale data resolve ancestral rock-inhabiting lifestyle in Dothideomycetes (Ascomycota)

Lifestyle Log Likelihood
LIC − 190.27
RIF −186.41*
PP − 189.95
SAP −185.67*
EPI −190.50
AP −190.51
FP −190.53
ECT −190.53
END −190.53
EXT −190.51