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Table 1 List of changes to Articles, Notes, Recommendations and footnotes in the San Juan Chapter F

From: Chapter F of the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants as approved by the 11th International Mycological Congress, San Juan, Puerto Rico, July 2018

Numbering adopted in the San Juan Chapter F is used. No existing provisions needed re-numbering but some Examples were re-numbered.
Art. F.3.2Example added (Ex. 1)
Art. F.3.4Example added (Ex. 5)
Art. F.3.7reworded for clarity; Examples added (Ex. 8 and 9)
Art. F.3.9 and Note 2Examples added (Ex. 10 and 11)
Rec. F.3A.1significant revision; removal of colon as indicator of sanctioning (and Examples throughout Chapter F edited to conform)
Rec. F.3A.1 footnotereworded to reflect revised version of Rec. F.3A.1
Art. F.5.1Examples added (Ex. 2 and 3)
Art. F.5.2new footnote; concerning identifiers for orthographical corrections
Art. F.5.4minor revision; added “for the type designation” after identifier
Art. F.5 Note 4minor revision; added “or guarantee” after constitute, to mirror Art. F.5 Note 1
Art. F.5.6–5.8new; concerning incorrectly cited identifiers; Examples added (Ex. 4 and 5)
Rec. F.5A.1some minor revisions and new clause (c); authors should lodge electronic versions (such as PDFs) of publications with repositories
Rec. F.5A.2minor revisions; deleted “accession”
Art. F.10new; use of identifier in place of author citation
Rec. F.10Aas above; Example added (Ex. 1)