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Table 2 Summary of changes incorporated in the San Juan Chapter F

From: Chapter F of the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants as approved by the 11th International Mycological Congress, San Juan, Puerto Rico, July 2018

In each case, the full wording of each Article, Note, Recommendation, Example and footnote should be consulted.
• Art. F.3.7 reworded for clarity and Examples added concerning protection extended to names in sanctioning works used in new combinations.
Selection of the type of a name adopted in one of the sanctioning works remains a choice among elements associated with the protologue and/or the sanctioning treatment [Art. F.3.9]. Wording unchanged, but Examples added.
Sanctioning should be indicated only by “nom. sanct.” (the “:” option was removed) [Rec. F.3A].
Repositories assign new identifiers for names with corrected orthography [footnote to Art. F.5.2].
Errors in citation of identifiers are correctible, as long as the identifier was issued prior to publication of the nomenclatural novelty or typification [Art. F.5.6, Art. F.5.8].
Subsequent validations of names associated with incorrectly cited identifiers are later isonyms and may be disregarded (as long as the identifier was issued for the isonym prior to its publication). Consequence of Art F.5.6.
A new identifier must be obtained when validating a designation (an “invalid name”), even when that designation is associated with an existing identifier [Art. F.5.7].
Authors are encouraged to provide electronic versions (such as PDFs) of publications containing nomenclatural novelties and typifications to the repository that issued the relevant identifiers [Rec. F.5A.1].
Identifier issued for a name may be used in place of an author citation — but authors of a new name, a new combination, a name at a new rank, or a replacement name must still be cited in a protologue [Art. F.10, Rec. F.10A].