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Table 1 Primers used in this study for PCR and sequencing

From: Reclassification of Pterulaceae Corner (Basidiomycota: Agaricales) introducing the ant-associated genus Myrmecopterula gen. nov., Phaeopterula Henn. and the corticioid Radulomycetaceae fam. nov.

ITS8FnrITSPCR and sequencingAGTCGTAACAAGGTTTCCGTAGGTG(Dentinger et al. 2010)
ITS6RnrITSPCR and sequencingTTCCCGCTTCACTCGCAGT(Dentinger et al. 2010)
LR0RnrLSUPCR and sequencingACCCGCTGAACTTAAGC(Vilgalys and Hester 1990)
LR7nrLSUPCR and sequencingTACTACCACCAAGATCT(Vilgalys and Hester 1990)
LR5nrLSUSequencingTCCTGAGGGAAACTTCG(Vilgalys and Hester 1990)
fRPB2-5FRPB2PCR and sequencingGAYGAYMGWGATCAYTTYGG(Liu et al. 1999)
bRPB2–7.1RRPB2PCR and sequencingCCCATRGCYTGYTTMCCCATDGC(Matheny 2005)