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Table 2 Assembly metric, genome completeness and number of biosynthetic gene clusters (BGC) of Alectoria sarmentosa binned metagenome

From: Draft genome sequences of five Calonectria species from Eucalyptus plantations in China, Celoporthe dispersa, Sporothrix phasma and Alectoria sarmentosa

Assembly MetricsGenome CompletenessBiosynthetic Gene Clusters
Total length46,540,876 bpCompleteness96.3%PKS Type I13
Number of contigs1788Complete (C)3041PKS Type I-NRPS5
Number of contigs (>1000 bp)1046Single-Copy (SC)3015PKS Type III1
GC content40.34%Duplicated (D)26PKS Type III -NRPS1
N50 contig length92,863 bpFragmented (F)35NRPS2
Number of genes9695Missing (M)80INDOLE2