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Table 1 Strains of ophiostomatoid fungi sequenced and used for morphological and phylogenetic analysis in this study

From: Ophiostomatoid fungi associated with Ips subelongatus, including eight new species from northeastern China

TaxonSpecies1Strain no.2.3.4HostLocalityGenBank number5
1Ophiostoma genhenseCFCC 52675 (CXY 2001) TLarix gmeliniiGenhe, Inner MongoliaMK748199MN896026MN896074MN896102
CFCC 52676 (CXY 2002)L. gmeliniiGenhe, Inner MongoliaN/AMN896028MN896073MN896101
2O. hongxingenseCFCC 52695 (CXY 2021) TL. gmeliniiHarbin, HeilongjiangMK748194MN896027MN896068MN896089
CFCC 52696 (CXY 2022)L. gmeliniiHarbin, HeilongjiangN/AMN896030MN896067MN896090
CXY 1905L. gmeliniiHarbin, HeilongjiangN/AMN896029MN896066MN896087
CXY 1906L. gmeliniiHarbin, HeilongjiangN/AMN896036MN896070MN896088
CXY 1907L. gmeliniiHarbin, HeilongjiangN/AMN896037MN896069MN896091
3O. lotiformeCFCC 52691 (CXY 2017 = MUCL 55165) TPinus sylvestris var. mongolicaHailar, Inner MongoliaMK748185MN896044N/AN/A
CFCC 52692 (CXY 2018)P. sylvestris var. mongolicaHailar, Inner MongoliaMK748201MN896045N/AN/A
4O. minusCFCC 52697 (CXY 2023)L. gmeliniiArongqi, Inner MongoliaMK748202MN896050N/AN/A
CFCC 52698 (CXY 2024 = MUCL 55157)P. sylvestris var. mongolicaHailar, Inner MongoliaMK748187MN896051N/AN/A
5O. multisynnematumCFCC 52677 (CXY 2003) TL. gmeliniiGenhe, Inner MongoliaMK748196MN896048MN896071MN896103
CFCC 52678 (CXY 2004)L. gmeliniiGenhe, Inner MongoliaN/AMN896049MN896072MN896104
6O. olgensisCFCC 52699 (CXY 2025)L. gmeliniiGenhe, Inner MongoliaMK748204MN896046N/AN/A
CFCC 52700 (CXY 2026)L. gmeliniiGenhe, Inner MongoliaMK748195MN896047N/AN/A
CXY 1908L. gmeliniiHarbin, HeilongjiangMK748203MN896034N/AN/A
CXY 1909L. gmeliniiYichun, HeilongjiangMK748205MN896033N/AN/A
7O. peniculiCFCC 52687 (CXY 2013) TL. gmeliniiGenhe, Inner MongoliaMK748198MN896035MN896063MN896086
  CFCC 52688 (CXY 2014)L. gmeliniiGenhe, Inner MongoliaN/AMN896038MN896061MN896084
  CXY 1904L. gmeliniiGenhe, Inner MongoliaN/AMN896040MN896062MN896085
8O. pseudobicolorCFCC 52683 (CXY 2009) TL. gmeliniiGenhe, Inner MongoliaMK748188MN896043N/AN/A
CFCC 52684 (CXY 2010)L. gmeliniiGenhe, Inner MongoliaMK748190MN896041N/AN/A
CFCC 52685 (CXY 2011 = MUCL 55168)L. principis-rupprechtiiChifeng, Inner MongoliaMK748191MN896039N/AN/A
CFCC 52686 (CXY 2012 = MUCL 55174)L. gmeliniiMohe, HeilongjiangMK748193MN896042N/AN/A
CXY 1910L. principis-rupprechtiiChifeng, Inner MongoliaMK748192MN896058N/AN/A
CXY 1911 (MUCL 55170)L. gmeliniiTahe, HeilongjiangMK748189MN896057N/AN/A
9O. rufumCFCC 52681 (CXY 2007)L. gmeliniiGenhe, Inner MongoliaMK748197MN896031MN896075MN896095
  CFCC 52682 (CXY 2008)L. gmeliniiGenhe, Inner MongoliaN/AMN896032MN896076MN896098
10O. subelongatiCFCC 52693 (CXY 2019) TL. gmeliniiHarbin, HeilongjiangMK748200MN896055MN896064MN896092
CFCC 52694 (CXY 2020)L. gmeliniiHarbin, HeilongjiangN/AMN896054MN896065MN896093
11O. xinganenseCFCC 52679 (CXY 2005) TL. gmeliniiGenhe, Inner MongoliaMK748186MN896056MN896078MN896097
CFCC 52680 (CXY 2006)L. gmeliniiGenhe, Inner MongoliaN/AMN896059MN896079MN896094
CXY 1901L. gmeliniiGenhe, Inner MongoliaN/AMN896060MN896077MN896096
CXY 1902L. gmeliniiGenhe, Inner MongoliaN/AMN896026MN896080MN896099
CXY 1903L. gmeliniiGenhe, Inner MongoliaN/AMN896028MN896081MN896100
12Ceratocystiopsis cf. pallidobrunneaCFCC 52689 (CXY 2015)P. sylvestris var. mongolicaHailar, Inner MongoliaMN892641N/AN/AN/A
CFCC 52690 (CXY 2016)P. sylvestris var. mongolicaHailar, Inner MongoliaMN892642N/AN/AN/A
13Leptographium zhangiiCFCC 52701 (CXY 2027)L. gmeliniiGenhe, Inner MongoliaN/AN/AMN896082N/A
CFCC 52702 (CXY 2028)L. gmeliniiGenhe, Inner MongoliaN/AN/AMN896083N/A
14Endoconidiophora fujiensisCXY 1912L. gmeliniiYichun, HeilongjiangMN896105N/AN/AN/A
CXY 1913L. gmeliniiYichun, HeilongjiangMN896106N/AN/AN/A
  1. 1. Species named in black bold are novel species in this study
  2. 2. CFCC China Forestry Culture Collection Center, Beijing, China
  3. 3. CXY the culture collection of the Chinese Academy of Forestry
  4. 4. T = ex-holotype isolates
  5. 5. ITS Internal transcribed spacer regions 1 and 2 of the nuclear ribosomal DNA operon, including the 5.8S region, LSU Large subunit of the nrDNA, 60S partial 60S ribosomal protein RPL10 gene, βT the β-tubulin gene region, EF-1α the transcription elongation factor-1α gene region, CAL the calmodulin gene region