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Table 2 Strains of ophiostomatoid fungi associated with Ips subelongatus in northeast China

From: Ophiostomatoid fungi associated with Ips subelongatus, including eight new species from northeastern China

GenusSpeciesDistributionHostNumbers of isolatesTotalTotal percentage
Ophiostoma s.l.O. genhense sp. nov. (Taxon 1)Inner MongoliaLarix gmelinii0220.4
 O. hongxingense sp. nov. (Taxon 2)Inner Mongolia and HeilongjiangL. gmelinii and L. olgensis71178817.7
 O. lotiforme sp. nov. (Taxon 3)Inner MongoliaPinus sylvestris var. mongolica0220.4
 O. minus (Taxon 4)Inner MongoliaL. gmelinii and P. sylvestris var. mongolica0440.8
 O. multisynnematum sp. nov. (Taxon 5)Inner MongoliaL. gmelinii0991.8
 O. olgensis (Taxon 6)Inner Mongolia and HeilongjiangL. gmelinii and L. olgensis2117387.7
 O. peniculi sp. nov. (Taxon 7)Inner Mongolia and HeilongjiangL. gmelinii and L. olgensis397911823.8
 O. pseudobicolor sp. nov. (Taxon 8)Inner Mongolia and HeilongjiangL. gmelinii, L. olgensis and L. principis-rupprechtii30427214.5
 O. rufum (Taxon 9)Inner MongoliaL. gmelinii0771.4
 O. subelongati sp. nov. (Taxon 10)Inner Mongolia and HeilongjiangL. gmelinii and L. olgensis832010320.8
 O. xinganense sp. nov. (Taxon 11)Inner MongoliaL. gmelinii017173.4
CeratocystiopsisC. cf. pallidobrunnea (Taxon 12)Inner MongoliaP. sylvestris var. mongolica0220.4
Leptographium s.l.L. zhangii (Taxon 13)Inner Mongolia and HeilongjiangL. gmelinii133163.2
EndoconidiophoraE. fujiensis (Taxon 14)HeilongjiangL. gmelinii99183.6
Total   266230496100.0