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Table 2 Sequences of photobiont Trentepohliaceae. The new sequences generated were in bold

From: A new genus and species of foliicolous lichen in a new family of Strigulales (Ascomycota: Dothideomycetes) reveals remarkable class-level homoplasy

SpeciesSpecies No.GenBank Accession No.(ITS)
Cephaleuros expansusGD1318KX586811
Cephaleuros karsteniiDZ1309KX586781
Cephaleuros karsteniiDZ1312KX586784
Cephaleuros sp. from Strigula sp.HMAS_L0130622MK211171
Cephaleuros sp. from S. cf. smaragdulaHMAS_L0141395MK211172
Phycopeltis aureaYN1220KP067280
Phycopeltis sp. from Tenuitholiascus porinoides sp. nov.HMAS_L0139638MK211174
Phycopeltis sp. from T. porinoides sp. nov.HMAS_L0141346MK211173
Phycopeltis sp.YN1202KP067279
Trentepohlia sp.DS22KC489115
Trentepohlia sp.SAG 118.80KM020078
Trentepohlia sp.TreFl54KC489121
Ulva tepidaPR18KT374011