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Fig. 3

From: Variation in Botryosphaeriaceae from Eucalyptus plantations in YunNan Province in southwestern China across a climatic gradient

Fig. 3Fig. 3

Phylogenetic trees based on maximum likelihood (ML) analyses for species in Lasiodiplodia. a. ITS; b. tef1; c. tub2; d. rpb2; e. combination of ITS, tef1, tub2 and rpb2. Isolates sequenced in this study are in bold. Bootstrap support values ≥60% for ML and MP are presented above branches as follows: ML/MP, bootstrap values < 60% are marked with ‘-’, and absent are marked with ‘*’ Ex-type isolates are marked with ‘T’. The trees were rooted to B. dothidea (CBS 115476)

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