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Table 4 Number of fixed SNPs between newly described species and their phylogenetically close taxa

From: Variation in Botryosphaeriaceae from Eucalyptus plantations in YunNan Province in southwestern China across a climatic gradient

Species Single nucleotide polymorphism comparisons of four loci
  B. puerensis N. dianense N. magniconidium N. ningerense N. parviconidium N. yunnanense
Botryosphaeria corticis 13/16/14/*a
B. fabicerciana 1/14/9/12
B. fusispora 1/16/11/*
B. kuwatsukai 1/10/*/*
B. qingyuanensis 2/9/9/3
B. rosaceae 1/13/9/*
Neofusicoccum algeriense b 3/1/7/* 3/1/4/*
N. dianense 2/2/3/6
N. hongkongense 4/0/2/4 4/2/1/2
N. italicum 4/0/5/5 4/1/*/*
N. macroclavatum 9/1/6/2 7/1/6/2
N. mangiferae 2/5/2/27
N. microconidium 1/3/1/1
N. ningerense 2/0/2/2
N. parvum 3/2/5/5 1/4/2/0
  1. a The number means the difference of two species in four loci, ITS/tef1/tub2/rpb2; “*” represents the sequence is unavailable
  2. b “—” represent the sequences between two species were not compared