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Table 2 Collections used for the phylogenetic analysis. Newly sequenced collections are in bold

From: Testing spore amyloidity in Agaricales under light microscope: the case study of Tricholoma

Species Voucher Herbarium no. Country GenBank accession no. Unite accession no.
Hypsizygus marmoreus HM561970 Malaysia HM561970
Tricholoma acerbum GC AMB 17177 Italy MT462629
Tricholoma acerbum JV99–638 C-F-41483 Denmark LT000005 UDB001474
Tricholoma acerbum MC00–204 C-F-96223 Slovenia LT000134 UDB002361
Tricholoma acerbum AF377247 Norway AF377247
Tricholoma apium GC AMB 17203 Italy MT462630
Tricholoma apium JHC95–049 C-F-35189 Sweden LT000154 UDB001467
Tricholoma apium JV00–215 C-F-41884 Denmark LT000009 UDB001685
Tricholoma apium MC98–034 C-F-59207 Norway LT000118
Tricholoma argyraceum GC AMB 17211 Italy MT462631
Tricholoma argyraceum GC AMB 17441 Italy MT462632
Tricholoma argyraceum JHC95–112 C-F-35092 Denmark LT000010 UDB000780
Tricholoma argyraceum JHC96–244 C-F-96212 Denmark LT000011 UDB000781
Tricholoma argyraceum JHC97–092 C-F-96213 Sweden LT000155 UDB000782
Tricholoma argyraceum MEN9491 L0374886 epitype The Netherlands LT000198 UDB000785
Tricholoma arvernense GC AMB 17215 Italy MT462633
Tricholoma arvernense MC95–102 C-F-59014 Sweden LT000157
Tricholoma arvernense MC98–020 C-F-59200 Norway LT000119 UDB002362
Tricholoma arvernense MC98–120 C-F-59255 France LT000078 UDB001438
Tricholoma caligatum GC AMB 17231 Italy MT462634
Tricholoma caligatum KC565866 Algeria KC565866
Tricholoma caligatum JV07–451 C-F-76630 Spain LT000152
Tricholoma cingulatum MC03–252 C-F-96246 Slovakia LT000128 UDB001420
Tricholoma cingulatum MC96–134 C-F-59057 neotype Denmark LT000015 UDB000543
Tricholoma cingulatum MC96–170 C-F-59068 Denmark LT000016 UDB000544
Tricholoma colossus GC AMB 17237 Italy MT462635
Tricholoma colossus MC01–205 C-F-96238 Slovenia LT000137 UDB001417
Tricholoma colossus MC97–047 C-F-59154 Sweden LT000164 UDB001433
Tricholoma equestre MC94–027 C-F-58886 Denmark LT000018 UDB001508
Tricholoma equestre MC95–187 C-F-96256 Denmark LT000019
Tricholoma equestre MC96–155 C-F-58890 Denmark LT000020 UDB001469
Tricholoma filamentosum GC AMB 17248 Italy MT462636
Tricholoma filamentosum C-F35924 C-F-35924 Sweden LT000165 UDB001506
Tricholoma filamentosum JHC0–1202 C-F-96191 Slovenia LT000138 UDB000804
Tricholoma filamentosum MC00–218 C-F-96226 Slovenia LT000139
Tricholoma filamentosum MC03–242 C-F-96243 Slovakia LT000129 UDB000803
Tricholoma frondosae type I AF349689 USA AF349689
Tricholoma frondosae type I MC95–130 C-F-59031 Sweden LT000167
Tricholoma frondosae type I MC97–151 C-F-59188 Sweden LT000168
Tricholoma frondosae type II GC AMB 17243 Italy MT462637
Tricholoma frondosae type II MC00–225 C-F-96227 Slovenia LT000140
Tricholoma frondosae type II MC96–235 C-F-59084 Denmark LT000023 UDB001509
Tricholoma frondosae type II MC97–158 C-F-59395 Sweden LT000169 UDB002363
Tricholoma fucatum GC AMB 17300 Italy MT462638
Tricholoma fucatum MC97–149 C-F-58980 neotype Sweden LT000170
Tricholoma fucatum MC98–023 C-F-59201 Norway LT000121
Tricholoma inamoenum GC AMB 17367 Italy MT462639
Tricholoma inamoenum JHC95–042 C-F-35182 neotype Sweden LT000173 UDB001688
Tricholoma inamoenum MC95–115 C-F-59020 Sweden LT000174 UDB001424
Tricholoma josserandii GC AMB 17407 Italy MT462640
Tricholoma josserandii MC99–053 C-F-96266 France LT000081 UDB000797
Tricholoma josserandii MC99–056 C-F-96267 France LT000082 UDB000798
Tricholoma lascivum JHC03–020 C-F-96194 Slovakia LT000131 UDB001696
Tricholoma lascivum MC00–519 C-F-96230 Denmark LT000028 UDB000005
Tricholoma lascivum MC99–197 C-F-59446 Denmark LT000029
Tricholoma orirubens GC AMB 17410 Italy MT462641
Tricholoma orirubens JHC01–200 C-F-96189 Slovenia LT000141 UDB000524
Tricholoma orirubens JHC93–261 C-F-96208 Denmark LT000030 UDB000523
Tricholoma orirubens MC03–243 C-F-96244 Slovakia LT000132 UDB000801
Tricholoma orirubens MC96–301 C-F-59365 Italy LT000107 UDB000522
Tricholoma pardinum JHC-01201 C-F-96190 Slovenia LT000142 UDB000802
Tricholoma psammopus GC AMB 17411 Italy MT462642
Tricholoma psammopus MC04–600 C-F-96248 Slovenia LT000145
Tricholoma psammopus MC96–345 C-F-59324 Italy LT000108
Tricholoma psammopus MC98–048 C-F-59212 Denmark LT000036 UDB001472
Tricholoma psammopus MC99–089 C-F-96273 France LT000084 UDB001503
Tricholoma ramentaceum GC AMB 17423 Italy MT462643
Tricholoma ramentaceum var. pseudotriste HQ184102 France HQ184102
Tricholoma saponaceum GC AMB 17433 Italy MT462644
Tricholoma saponaceum C-F23337 C-F-23337 Denmark LT000038 UDB001499
Tricholoma saponaceum JHC00–049 C-F-96188 Norway LT000123 UDB001693
Tricholoma saponaceum JHC03–015 C-F-96192 Slovakia LT000133 UDB001694
Tricholoma saponaceum JHC04–429 C-F-96196 Sweden LT000185 UDB001697
Tricholoma scalpturatum JHC93–263 C-F-96210 Denmark LT000042 UDB000541
Tricholoma scalpturatum JHC94–231 C-F-35309 Denmark LT000043 UDB000542
Tricholoma scalpturatum MC00–207 C-F-96225 Slovenia LT000146
Tricholoma scalpturatum MC95–165 C-F-59399 neotype Sweden LT000187
Tricholoma terreum GC AMB 17444 Italy MT462645
Tricholoma terreum JHC93–260 C-F-96207 Denmark LT000057 UDB000536
Tricholoma terreum JHC95–118 C-F-35098 Denmark LT000058
Tricholoma terreum JHC95–172 C-F-35154 Denmark LT000059 UDB000812
Tricholoma terreum MEN95192 L0374887 neotype Germany LT000098 UDB000813