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Table 2 Specimens used to identify the mycocecidia of new species of Squamanita in this study are listed with their Herbarium ID and accession numbers. Newly generated sequences are highlighted in boldface

From: Squamanitaceae and three new species of Squamanita parasitic on Amanita basidiomes

Taxon Specimen Locality ITS LSU TEF1-α
Amanita aff. excelsa HKAS107325B Italy MW258872
A. aff. hemibapha TRTC161164 Viet Nam KF877244 KF877133
A. aff. hemibapha TRTC161171 Viet Nam KF877245 KF877134
A. aff. hemibapha BPI HPUB 560 India KF877234 KF877125
A. aff. javanica HKAS56957 China JX998039 JX998068 JX998017
A. aff. javanica HKAS56863 China JX998040 JX998071 JX998014
A. aff. javanica HKAS53281 China JX998041 JX998070 JX998016
A. aff. sepiacea sp. 1 HKAS107306B China MW258871 MW324505
A. aff. sepiacea sp. 2 HKAS74861 China MW258869
A. aff. sepiacea sp. 2 HKAS74862B China MW258870
A. arkansana RET-354-9 USA JX844674 KF877197 KP724414
A. brunneolimbata HKAS78459 China MH508274
A. brunneolimbata HKAS101392 China MH508272
A. brunneolimbata HKAS78460 China MH508275
A. caesarea RET-4271-1 Italy JX844685 KF877207 KF877106
A. caesaroides RET-356-10 China KF877209 KF877107
A. cinnamomescens (isotype) RET-290-5 Pakistan JX844699 KF877221 KF877114
A. citrina HKAS53467 Germany MH508312
A. cochiseana nom. prov. RET-498-1 USA JX844705 KF877226 KP724516
A. fritillaria HKAS100521 China MH508360
A. fritillaria HKAS100520 China MH508359
A. garabitoana (paratype) RET-333-6 Costa Rica JX844711 KF877231 KF877122
A. hemibapha RE-342-8 India JX844716 KF877233 KF877124
A. jacksonii RET-393-7 USA JX844724 KF877252 KP724554
A. javanica S-170 Japan LC056770 LC056748
A. javanica S-329 Japan LC056772 LC164656
A. javanica S-76 Japan AB750726 LC164652 LC164654
A. kitamagotake HKAS100824 China MW258866 MW258918 MW324492
A. kitamagotake HKAS100825 China MW258867 MW258919 MW324493
A. kitamagotake HKAS107309B China MW258874 MW258921 MW324495
A. kitamagotake HKAS100826B China MW258868 MW258920 MW324494
A. kitamagotake (ex-holotype) EN-4 Japan AB721450 AB721450 LC164658
A. porphyria HKAS92088 China MH508506
A. porphyria MB-100156 Germany MH508507
A. rubromarginata (isotype) RET-383-1 Japan JX844739 KF877279 KF877164
A. sepiacea HKAS80970 China MH508589
A. sepiacea HKAS79669 China MH508588
A. sepiacea HKAS74750 China MH508587
A. sepiacea HKAS70045 China MH508586
A. sepiacea HKAS68614 China MH508585
A. sepiacea HKAS56799 China MH508584
A. sepiacea HKAS100604 China MH508582
A. sinocitrina HKAS100530 China MH508598
A. sinocitrina HKAS83445 China MH508601
A. sinocitrina HKAS100531 China MH508599
A. vernicoccora (paratype) 7020 USA GQ250401 GQ250416