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Table 2 Diagnostic sequences with potential for discriminating Sanghuangporus baumii, S. sanghuang, and S. vaninii using Hyperbranched Rolling Circle Amplification. Label and position in alignment are as in Additional file 5: Fig. S2

From: Addressing widespread misidentifications of traditional medicinal mushrooms in Sanghuangporus (Basidiomycota) through ITS barcoding and designation of reference sequences

Label Differentiated species Diagnostic sequence Position in alignment Number of diagnostic nucleotides
A S. sanghuang AWYTY 41–45 5
B S. vaninii TCA 85–87 3
C S. vaninii CTG 143–145 3
D S. baumii CGGTAGGAA 159–167 4
E S. vaninii GAGCGG 219–224 6
F S. vaninii CCCCC 264–278 4
G S. vaninii AG 556–557 2
H S. baumii AGG 650–652 2
I S. vaninii ACG 664–666 2
J S. sanghuang TT 690–691 2