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Table 3 Family names proposed for protection with the names proposed for rejection. See text for the rationale about the proposed protected names. This list provides the names to be protected or rejected, author, their place and date of publication, and type. The names proposed for protection will be evaluated and recommended for approval by the Nomenclature Committee for Fungi

From: Competing sexual-asexual generic names in Agaricomycotina (Basidiomycota) with recommendations for use

Names proposed for protection Rejected names
Psathyrellaceae Vilgalys, Moncalvo & Redhead in Taxon 50: 226. 2001.
Typus: Psathyrella (Fr.) Quél.
Zerovaemycetaceae Gorovij in Dopov. Akad. Nauk URSR, Ser. B 39(8): 745. 1977.
Typus: Zerovaemyces Gorovij
Typhulaceae Jülich in Biblioth. Mycol. 85: 393. 1982 [1981].
Typus: Typhula (Pers.) Fr.
Sclerotiaceae Dumort. [as ‘Sclerotaceae’], Comment. Bot. (Tournay) 69. 1822.
Typus: Sclerotium Tode, nom. sanct., Fr.