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Table 1 Most commonly used modifiers recommended for public biodiversity sequence records

From: How to publish a new fungal species, or name, version 3.0

NCBI qualifier Note (INSDC controlled vocabulary link listed where applicable) Example
collected_by Name of person who collected the sample, please use initials and surname. /collected_by = “A.H. Smith”
collection_date Day, month and year when the sequenced specimen was collected. /collection_date = “23-Aug-1948”
country Country where the sample was collected. Additional region or locality information must be after the country name and separated by a ‘:’.
/country = “USA: Washington, Pierce County, Mt. Rainier National Park”
culture_collection Format for cultures in culture collections: ‘institution-code:culture-id’. culture-id and institution-code are mandatory. When possible use code documented in NCBI BioCollections or WFCC. /culture_collection = “CBS:1752”
host Use full verified binomial, if possible. Incomplete names such as genus sp. is acceptable. /host = “Quercus longinux
isolate Use this for lab numbers/ field numbers of the specific specimen/culture from which this sequence was obtained. /isolate = “JT13209”
isolation_source Reserved for physical or environmental source and substrate information. /isolation_source = “dead wood”
lat_lon Latitude and longitude, in decimal degrees, of where the sample was collected. /lat_lon = “28.721667 N 17.785278 W”
note Add any additional unstructured information such as isolation method, isotype info not addressed in the other fields. /note=”“DNA isolation: REPLI-g Single Cell Kit (Qiagen)”
specimen_voucher Format for dried specimens: ‘institution-code: internal-code:specimen-id’. specimen-id is mandatory. When possible use code documented in NCBI BioCollections or Index Herbariorum or indicate personal herbaria by adding in front:‘personal:’
/specimen_voucher = “MICH:14410” or
/specimen_voucher = “MICH:AH Smith 30,553” or
/specimen_voucher = “personal: AH Smith 30,553”
strain Use this for strain numbers of pure cultures, i.e. those not deposited in culture collections. /strain = “ABC 1234”
tissue_type Ignore this field unless it refers to source tissue information e.g. blood, skin etc..  
type_material This field is not user submitted - it is automatically updated only after the publication or nomenclature database entry is verified by NCBI Taxonomy curators. Please provide the full publication as a pdf to (Do NOT use the Type modifier for this information).
/type_material = “holotype of Tuber anniae