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Table 1 Specimens and GenBank accession numbers of DNA sequences used in the multi-locus phylogenetic analysis

From: Enlightening the black and white: species delimitation and UNITE species hypothesis testing in the Russula albonigra species complex

Taxon Voucher collection (herbarium) Country ITS LSU RPB2 TEF1α
Russula acrifolia LD 16–022 (GENT) Sweden MW172319 MW182479 MW306683 MW273325
Russula acrifolia RDL 18–012 (GENT) Sweden MW172320 MW182480 MW306684 MW273326
Russula acrifolia RDL 18–021 (GENT) Sweden MW172321 MW182481   MW273327
Russula adusta LD 16–025 (GENT) Sweden MW172316   MW306682 MW273322
Russula adusta RDL 18–020 (GENT) Sweden MW172317 MW182477   MW273323
Russula adusta RDL 18–028 (GENT) Sweden MW172318 MW182478   MW273324
Russula albonigra JK RUS 13090603 (Jesko Kleine*) Germany MW172296 MW182461 MW306670  
Russula albonigra SAV F-755 (SAV) Slovakia MW172291    
Russula albonigra SAV F-2559 (SAV) Slovakia MW172292    
Russula albonigra SAV F-20177 (SAV) Slovakia MW172298 MW182463 MW306672 MW273311
Russula albonigra SAV F-20197 (SAV) Slovakia MW172299 MW182464 MW306673 MW273312
Russula albonigra SAV F-3465 (SAV) Slovakia MW172293 MW182460 MW306669 MW273309
Russula albonigra SAV F-4776 (SAV) Slovakia MW172297 MW182462 MW306671 MW273310
Russula albonigra PRM 934322 (PRM) Czech Republic MW172294    
Russula albonigra PRM 924409 (PRM) Czech Republic MW172295    
Russula ambusta FH 2008 ST01 (Felix Hampe*) Germany MW172300 MW182465   
Russula ambusta SAV F-3358 (SAV) Slovakia MW172301 MW182466   
Russula cf. anthracina RDL 16–031 (GENT) Italy MW172313 MW182474 MW306679 MW273319
Russula cf. anthracina RDL 16–058 (GENT) Italy MW172314 MW182475 MW306680 MW273320
Russula cf. anthracina RDL 18–026 (GENT) Sweden MW172315 MW182476 MW306681 MW273321
Russula archaeosuberis BB 12.085 (PC) Italy KY800355° KU237593° KU237878° KU238019°
Russula atramentosa FH 2011-002R (Felix Hampe*) Belgium MW172322 MW182482 MW306685 MW273328
Russula atramentosa RDL 16–050 (GENT) Italy MW172323   MW306686  
Russula atramentosa FH0170824–02 (Felix Hampe*) Germany MW172324 MW182483 MW306687 MW273329
Russula camarophylla MPG11–7-09 (PC) Spain KY800353° KU237579° KU237865° KU238006°
Russula cantharellicola UC1999420 United States KF306036°    
Russula cascadensis OSC 1064009 (OSC) United States EU526006°    
Russula cortinarioides BB 07.133 (PC) United States KP033485°   KP033507°  
Russula cortinarioides BB 07.103 (PC) United States KP033480° KP033491° KP033502° KU237985°
Russula densifolia RDL 16–001/2 (GENT) Belgium MW172325 MW182484 MW306688 MW273330
Russula densifolia RDL 18–052 (GENT) Belgium MW172326 MW182485 MW306689 MW273331
Russula densifolia RDL 17–024 (GENT) Belgium MW172327 MW182486 MW306690 MW273332
Russula densissima FH 2014 ST04 (Felix Hampe*) Germany MW172328   MW306691  
Russula densissima FH 2010 ST02 (Felix Hampe*) Germany MW172329   MW306692  
Russula dissimulans BPL704 (TENN) United States KY848513°    
Russula earlei BPL245 (TENN) United States KT933961° KT933820° KT933891°  
Russula cf. eccentrica BB 07.044 (PC) United States KP033479° KP033490° KP033501° KU237937°
Russula cf. eccentrica BB 07.132 (PC) United States KP033478° KP033489° KP033500° KU237926°
Russula cf. fuliginosa FH RUS 14091001 (Felix Hampe*) Slovakia MW172330 MW182487 MW306693 MW273333
Russula cf. fuliginosa FH RUS 14091201 (Felix Hampe*) Slovakia MW172331 MW182488 MW306694 MW273334
Russula gossypina BB 06.002 (PC) Madagascar KY800350° KU237450° KU237736° KU237886°
Russula ingwa MEL2101936 Australia EU019919°    
Russula khanchanjungae AV KD KVP 09–106 (GENT) India KR364129° JN389004° JN375607°  
Russula lateriticola BB 06.031 (PC) Madagascar KP033476° KP033487° KP033498° KU237888°
Russula nigricans RDL 17–004 (GENT) Belgium MW172332 MW182489 MW306695 MW273335
Russula nigricans RDL 17–007 (GENT) Belgium MW172334 MW182491 MW306697 MW273337
Russula cf. nigricans RDL 17–005 (GENT) Belgium MW172333 MW182490 MW306696 MW273336
Russula nigrifacta RDL 16–028 (GENT) Italy MW172307   MW306676 MW273316
Russula nigrifacta RDL 16–044 (GENT) Italy MW172308 MW182470 MW306677 MW273317
Russula nigrifacta RDL 16–063 (GENT) Italy MW172306    MW273315
Russula nigrifacta SAV F-2418 (SAV) Slovakia MW172304    
Russula nigrifacta SAV F-2419 (SAV) Slovakia MW172303 MW182468   
Russula nigrifacta SAV F-1501 (SAV) Slovakia MW172302 MW182467 MW306674 MW273314
Russula nigrifacta SAV F-3006 (SAV) Slovakia MW172305 MW182469 MW306675  
Russula polyphylla BB 07.134 (PC) United States KP033486° KP033497° KP033508° KU238023°
Russula polyphylla BB 07.023 (PC) United States KP033481° KP033492° KP033503° KU237986°
Russula roseonigra KR-M-0042973/MxM R-9308 (KR) France MW172335    
Russula roseonigra FH 2014 ST01 (Felix Hampe*) Germany MW172336   MW306698 MW273338
Russula roseonigra RDL 16–024 (GENT) Italy MW172337 MW182492 MW306699 MW273339
Russula sp. FH 12–064 (GENT) Thailand MN130076°   MN380517°  
Russula sp. 1 RW 1975 (GENT) Italy MW172309 MW182471   
Russula ustulata AV 16–019 (GENT) Norway MW172312 MW182473 MW306678 MW273318
Russula ustulata SAV F-2610 (SAV) Italy MW172310 MW182472   
Russula ustulata PRM 924452 (PRM) Czech Republic MW172311    
  1. In bold: types; * personal herbarium; ° sequences not generated in this study