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Table 1 List of the strains included in the study

From: Molecular systematics of Keratinophyton: the inclusion of species formerly referred to Chrysosporium and description of four new species

Species name Straina Source GenBank accession numbers
A. canadensis UAMH 4574 Carnivore dung, Canada AJ439435
A. clathratus IMI 329400 Arable soil, Spain AJ439436
A. cubensis FMR 4220 Soil of tobacco field, Cuba AJ439432
A. foetidus CBS 453.75T Myomys daltoni coat, Nigeria KT155907 KT155252
A. fulvescens NBRC 30411 Soil of rice paddy field, Japan JN943432 JN941547
A. keratinophilus IFM 55159T Pasture land soil, Papua New Guinea NR165936 NG064030
A. mephitalis IMI 151084T Dung of wolf, Canada AJ439439 AY176725
A. orissae CBS 340.89 Soil in animal husbandry, Kuwait AJ390393
A. pinarensis FMR 4221 Forest soil, Cuba AJ439433
A. reticulisporus CBS 392.67T Soil, New Zealand MH859002 MH870704
A. verrucosus NBRC 32381T Arable soil, Spain NR131309 NG057011
K. clavisporum (C. clavisporum) G80.1T Plant root soil, China KY026601
K. durum CBS 118.85T Soil, Nepal MH861856 AB075345
K. echinulatum (C. echinulatum) CCF 4652 T Sole of the foot, Czechia LT548276 LT548276
K. fluviale (C. fluviale) FMR 6005T River sediments, Spain AJ005367 MT875000
K. gollerae BiMM F250T Forest soil, Slovakia MN633084 MT874997
K. hispanicum CBS 456.90T Beach soil, Spain KT155910 MT875003
K. hubeiense (C. hubeiense) EM66601T Soil under the chicken feather, China KJ849227
K. lemmensii BiMM F76T Compost soil, Austria MN633082 MT874998
K. linfenense (C. linfenense) GZAC H31T Rhizosphere soil, China NR158289
K. minutisporosum (C. minutisporosum) IMI 379912T River sediments, Spain KT155616 MT875001
K. pannicola (C. pannicola) CBS 116.63T Soil, India AJ005368 MH869834
K. punsolae IMI 334818T Arable soil, Spain AJ439440
K. qinghaiense (C. qinghaiense) GZUIFR Chry 11T Farmland soil, China JX868607
K. saturnoideum CBS 628.88T Arable soil, Spain NR077135 AB075347
K. siglerae (C. siglerae) UAMH 6541T Garden soil, Spain AJ131684 MT875002
K. straussii BiMM F78T Garden soil, Italy MN633081 MT874996
K. submersum (C submersum) CBS 101575T River sediments, Spain NR157445 NG064180
K. terreum CBS 342.64T Lawn soil, India KT155876 KC989709
K. turgidum CBS 142596T Barber shop soil, India KY290503 KY962732
K. wagneri BiMM F77T Forest soil, Slovakia MN633083 MT874999
Ct. serratus CBS 187.61T Soil, Australia NR144890 AY176733
  1. aBiMM, Bioactive Microbial Metabolites Unit, UFT-Tulln, Austria; UAMH, University of Alberta Microfungus Collection and Herbarium; IMI, CAB International Biosciences, Egham, UK; FMR, Facultat de Medicina in Ciències de la Salut, Reus, Spain; CBS (Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute), Utrecht, The Netherlands; NBRC, NITE Biological Resource Centre, Japan; IFO, Institute for Fermentation, Osaka, Japan; G, EM, and GZUIFR strains, The Institute of Fungus Resource, Guizhou University, China; A, Aphanoascus; K, Keratinophyton; C, Chrysosporium; Ct, Ctenomyces; T, ex-type culture. Data in bold generated in the present study