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Table 1 DNA barcodes used to build the phylogenetic tree

From: A revision of malbranchea-like fungi from clinical specimens in the United States of America reveals unexpected novelty

Species Strainsa GenBank accession #b Geographic origin and source
Ajellomyces capsulatus UAMH 3536 d AF038354 AF038354 Alberta, Canada; woman, 25-years-old, biopsy of right middle lobe lung
Amauroascus niger ATCC 22339 MH869547 AY176706 California, U.S.A.; soil
Amauroascus purpureus IFO 32622 d AJ271564 AY176707 Japan; soil
Amauroascus volatilis-patellis CBS 249.72 d MH860467 MH872189 Utah, U.S.A.; soil
Aphanoascus mephitalis ATCC 22144 MH859941 AY176725 Ontario, Canada; wolf dung
Arachniotus verruculosus CBS 655.71 NR_145221 AB040684 Utah, U.S.A.; soil
Arachnomyces bostrychodes sp. nov. UTHSCSA DI18-91 = FMR 17685 = CBS 146926 d LR701765 LR701766 Texas, U.S.A.; human scalp
Arachnomyces glareosus CBS 116129 d AY624316 FJ358273 Alberta, Canada; man, 30-years-old, thumb nail
Arachnomyces graciliformis sp. nov. UTHSCSA DI18-97 = FMR 17691 = CBS 146927 d LR743667 LR743668 Massachusetts, U.S.A.; animal bone
Arachnomyces gracilis UAMH 9756 d AY123779 Uganda; termitarium soil
Arachnomyces jinanicus CGMCC3.14173 d KY440749 KY440752 Jinan, China; pig farm soil
Arachnomyces kanei UAMH 5908 d AY123780 Toronto, Canada; human nail
Arachnomyces minimus CBS 324.70 d AY123783 FJ358274 Ontario, Canada; decaying wood
Arachnomyces nitidus UAMH 10536 AB075351 Israel; twigs
Arachnomyces nodosetosus CBS 313.90 d AY123784 AB053452 Saskatchewan, Canada; woman, 67-years-old, onychomycosis
Arachnomyces peruvianus CBS 112.54 d MF572315 MH868792 Peru; Globodera rostochiensis cyst
Arachnomyces pilosus CBS 250.93 d MF572320 MF572325 Catalonia, Spain; river sediment
Arachnomyces scleroticus UAMH 7183 d AY123785 Sulawesi, Indonesia; poultry farm soil
Arthroderma curreyi CBS 353.66 d MH858822 MH870459 UK; unknown
Arthroderma onychocola CBS 132920 d KT155794 KT155124 Prague, Czech Republic; human nail
Ascosphaera apis CBS 252.32 AY004344 København, Denmark; A. mellifera
Ascosphaera subglobosa A.A. Wynns 5004 (C) d NR_137060 HQ540517 Utah, U.S.A.; pollen provisions of M. rotundata
Auxarthronopsis bandhavgarhensis NFCCI 2185 d HQ164436 NG_057012 Bandhavgarh, India; soil
Auxarthronopsis guizhouensis CGMCC3.17910 d KU746668 KU746714 Guizhou, China; air
Blastomyces percusus CBS 139878 d NR_153647 KY195971 Israel; human granulomatous lesions
Canomyces reticulatus MCC 1486 d MK340501 MK340502 Maharashtra, India; soil
Chrysosporium keratinophilum CBS 392.67 MH859002 AY176730 New Zealand; soil
Chrysosporium tropicum MUCL 10068 d MH858134 AY176731 Guadalcanal, Solomon islands; woollen overcoat
Currahmyces indicus MCC 1548 d MK340498 MK340499 Maharashtra, India; hen resting area
Currahmyces sparsispora sp. nov. UTHSCSA DI18-89 = FMR 17683 = CBS 146929 d LR723272 LR723273 Florida, U.S.A.; human sputum
Gymnoascus reesii CBS 410.72 MH860507 MH872224 California, U.S.A.; soil
Helicoarthrosporum mellicola CBS 143838 d LR761645 LT906535 Granada, Spain; honey
Helicoarthrosporum mellicola FMR 15673 LR761646 LT978462 Valencia, Spain; honey
Malbranchea albolutea UTHSCSA DI18-85 = FMR 17679 LR701834 LR701835 Texas, U.S.A.; human BAL
Malbranchea albolutea UTHSCSA DI18-95 = FMR 17689 LR701836 LR701837 Texas, U.S.A.; human BAL
Malbranchea albolutea CBS 125.77 d MH861039 MH872808 Utah, U.S.A.; soil
Malbranchea aurantiaca UTHSCSA DI18-94 = FMR 17688 LR701824 LR701825 California, U.S.A.; animal
Malbranchea aurantiaca UTHSCSA DI18-88 = FMR 17682 LR701826 LR701827 Texas, U.S.A.; animal skin lesion
Malbranchea aurantiaca CBS 127.77 d NR_157447 AB040704 Utah, U.S.A.; culture contaminant
Malbranchea californiensis ATCC 15600 d MH858121 NG_056947 California, U.S.A.; dung of pack rat
Malbranchea chinense CGMCC3.19572 MK329076 MK328981 Guangxi, Luotian Cave, China; Soil
Malbranchea chrysosporioidea CBS 128.77 d AB361632 AB359413 Arizona, U.S.A.; soil
Malbranchea circinata ATCC 34526 d MN627784 MN627782 Utah, U.S.A.; soil
Malbranchea conjugata UTHSCSA DI18-105 = FMR 17699 LR701828 LR701829 Florida, U.S.A.; human lung tissue
Malbranchea conjugata UTHSCSA DI18-103 = FMR 17697 LR701830 LR701831 Texas, U.S.A.; human BAL
Malbranchea conjugata CBS 247.58 NR_121475 HF545313 Arizona, U.S.A.; soil
Malbranchea dendritica CBS 131.77 d AY177310 AB359416 Utah, U.S.A.; soil
Malbranchea filamentosa CBS 581.82 d NR_111136 AB359417 Argentina; soil
Malbranchea flava CBS 132.77 d AB361633 AB359418 California, U.S.A.; soil
Malbranchea flavorosea ATCC 34529 d NR 158362 AB359419 California, U.S.A.; soil
Malbranchea flocciformis UTHSCSA DI18-104 = FMR 17698 LR701822 LR701823 Texas, U.S.A.; human skin
Malbranchea flocciformis CBS 133.77 d AB361634 AB359420 France; saline soil
Malbranchea fulva CBS 135.77 d NR_157444 AB359422 Utah, U.S.A.; air
Malbranchea gymnoascoides sp. nov. UTHSCSA DI18-87 = FMR 17681 = CBS 146930 d LR701757 LR701758 Texas, U.S.A.; human BAL
Malbranchea guangxiense CGMCC3.19634 MK329080 MK328985 Guangxi, E’gu Cave, China; Soil
Malbranchea kuehnii CBS 539.72 d NR_103573 NG_056928 Unkown; dung
Malbranchea longispora FMR 12768 d HG326873 HG326874 Beija, Portugal; soil
Malbranchea multiseptata sp. nov. UTHSCSA DI18-101 = FMR 17695 = CBS 146931 d LR701759 LR701760 Texas, U.S.A.; human BAL
Malbranchea ostraviense CBS 132919 d NR_121474 Ostrava, Czech Republic; fingernail sample
Malbranchea pseudauxarthron IFO 31701 = CBS 657.71 = ATCC 22158 = NRRL 5132 MH860293 KY014424 Utah, U.S.A.; domestic rabbit dung
Malbranchea pulchella CBS 202.38 AB361638 AB359426 Italy; unknown
Malbranchea stricta sp. nov. UTHSCSA DI18-86 = FMR 17680 = CBS 146932 d LR701638 LR701639 Florida, U.S.A.; human nail
Malbranchea sp.e CBS 319.61 MH858065 MH869635 California, U.S.A.; soil
Malbranchea umbrina UTHSCSA DI18-106 = FMR 17700 LR701814 LR701815 Colorado, U.S.A.; human BAL
Malbranchea umbrina UTHSCSA DI18-107 = FMR 17701 LR701816 LR701817 Colorado, U.S.A.; human sinus
Malbranchea umbrina UTHSCSA DI18-100 = FMR 17694 LR701818 LR701819 Baltimore, U.S.A.; human wound
Malbranchea umbrina UTHSCSA DI18-99 = FMR 17693 LR701820 LR701821 Washington DC, U.S.A.; human nail
Malbranchea umbrina CBS 105.09 d MH854591 MH866116 UK; soil
Malbranchea umbrina CBS 226.58 MH857765 MH869296 Unknown
Malbranchea umbrina CBS 261.52 MH857026 MH868556 UK; soil
Malbranchea zuffiana UTHSCSA DI18-96 = FMR 17690 LR701832 LR701833 Washington DC, U.S.A.; human wound
Malbranchea zuffiana CBS 219.58 d MH869293 AY176712 Texas, U.S.A.; prairie dog lung
Nannizziopsis guarroi CBS 124553 d MH863384 MH874904 Barcelona, Spain; iguana skin
Nannizziopsis vriesii ATCC 22444 d AJ131687 AY176715 The Netherlands; Ameiva (lizard) skin and lung
Neogymnomyces demonbreunii CBS 427.70 AJ315842 AY176716 Missouri, U.S.A.; unknown
Onychocola canadensis CBS 109438 KT154998 Italy; nail and skin scrapings
Paracoccidioides brasiliensis UAMH 8037 d AF038360 AF038360 Alberta, Canada; man, 59-years-old, lung biopsy
Pseudoarthropsis cirrhata CBS 628.83 d NG_060792 Schiphol, The Netherlands; wall sample
Pseudoarthropsis crassispora sp. nov. UTHSCSA DI18-98 = FMR 17692 = CBS 146928 d LR701763 LR701764 Minnesota, U.S.A.; human BAL
Pseudomalbranchea gemmata gen. nov. et sp. nov. UTHSCSA DI18-90 = FMR 17684 = CBS 146933 d LR701761 LR701762 Florida, U.S.A.; human BAL
Pseudospiromastix tentaculata CBS 184.9210536 AY527406 LN867603 Hiram, Somalia; soil
Renispora flavissima CBS 708.79 d AF299348 AY176719 Kansas, U.S.A.; soil in barn housing M. velifer
Spiromastigoides alatosporus CBS 457.73 d MH860740 AB075342 Madras, India; V. sinensis rhizosphere
Spiromastigoides albina CBS 139510 d LN867606 LN867602 Texas, U.S.A.; human lung biopsy
Spiromastigoides asexualis CBS 136728 d KJ880032 LN867603 Phoenix, U.S.A.; discospondylitis material from a German shepherd dog
Spiromastigoides curvata JCM 11275 d KP119631 KP119644 México; contaminant of a strain of Histoplasma capsulatum
Spiromastigoides frutex CBS 138266 d KP119632 KP119645 Nayarit, Mexico; house dust, rental studio
Spiromastigoides geomycoides sp. nov. UTHSCSA DI18-92 = FMR 17686 LR701769 LR701770 Minnesota, U.S.A.; human blood
Spiromastigoides geomycoides sp. nov. UTHSCSA DI18-102 = FMR 17696 = CBS 146934 d LR701767 LR701768 Illinois, U.S.A.; human skin foot
Spiromastigoides gypsea CBS 134.77 d KT155798 NG_063935 California, U.S.A.; soil
Spiromastigoides kosraensis CBS 138267 d KP119633 KP119646 Kosrae, Micronesia; house dust
Spiromastigoides pyramidalis CBS 138269 d KP119636 KP119649 Australia; house dust
Spiromastigoides sugiyamae JCM 11276 d LN867608 AB040680 Japan; soil
Spiromastigoides warcupii CBS 576.63 d LN867609 AB040679 Australia; soil
Strongyloarthrosporum capsulatus CBS 143841 d LR760230 LT906534 Toledo, Spain; honey
Trichophyton bullosum CBS 363.35 d NR_144895 NG_058191 Unkown
Uncinocarpus reesii ATCC 34533 MH861035 AY176724 Australia; feather
  1. aATCC American Type Culture Collection, Virginia, USA, BCCM/MUCL Mycothèque de l’Université Catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, CBS Culture collection of the Westerdijk Biodiversity Institute, Utrech, The Netherlands, CGMCC China General Microbiological Culture Collection Center, Beijing, China, FMR Facultat de Medicina, Reus, Spain, IFO Institute for Fermentation Culture Collection, Osaka, Japan, JCM Japan Collection of Microorganisms, Tsukuba, Japan, MCC Microbial Culture Collection, Universite of Pune Campus Ganeshkhind, India, NFCCI National Fungal Culture Collection of India, Maharastra, India, UAMH University of Alberta Microfungus Collection and Herbarium, Alberta, Canada, UTHSC Fungus Testing Laboratory, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas, United States
  2. bStrains studied by us are indicated in bold
  3. cITS internal transcribed spacer region 1 and 2 including 5.8S nrDNA, LSU large subunit of the nrRNA gene
  4. dEx-type strain
  5. eStrain formerly assigned to Auxarthron thaxteri (a species synonymized with Malbranchea umbrina)