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Table 2 Reported ideal conditions for E. muscae across life-stages

From: The genus Entomophthora: bringing the insect destroyers into the twenty-first century

Factor Sporulation Germination Host infectivity
Temperature ~ 20 °C (Watson and Peterson 1993; Kalsbeek et al. 2001a, b) 21 °C (Carruthers and Haynes 1986) 21 °C (Madeira 1998)
Humidity 20–100% (Mullens et al. 1987; Watson and Peterson 1993; Madeira 1998) Saturating humidity (Kramer 1980a, b; Carruthers and Haynes 1986) Saturating humidity (Carruthers and Haynes 1985)
Host age N/A N/A Young (Drosophila: 0–6 d post-eclosion) (Elya et al. 2018; Mullens 1985)
Host genotype N/A N/A Unknown host genetic factors (Wang et al. 2020)
Host density N/A N/A High (Carruthers et al. 1985)
  1. N/A—no data available