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Table 1 Collection details and GenBank accession numbers of isolates of Calonectria lauri included in this study.

From: The enigma of Calonectria species occurring on leaves of Ilex aquifolium in Europe

Strain No. 1 Substrate Country Collector(s) GenBankAccession No. (TUB, HIS, ITS) 2
CPC 15683 Leaves of Ilex aquifolium Netherlands W. Gams FR694682, FR694676, FR694679
CBS 126269 = CPC 17978 Leaves of I. aquifolium France A. Gardiennet FR694683, FR694677, FR694680
CBS 553.69 = IMI 299390 Root of Buxus sempervirens Belgium FR694684, FR694678, —
CBS 749.70 I. aquifolium Netherlands H.A. van der Aa FR694685, GQ267250, GQ280584
  1. 1CBS: CBS Fungal Biodiversity Centre, Utrecht, The Netherlands; CPC: Culture collection of P.W. Crous, housed at CBS; IMI: International Mycological Institute, CABI-Bioscience, Egham, Bakeham Lane, UK.
  2. 2TUB: partial beta-tubulin gene; HIS: partial histone H3 gene; ITS: Internal transcribed spacers 1 and 2 together with 5.8S nrDNA.