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Table 1 Isolates of Aspergillus and Emericella spp. examined in this study.

From: Aspergillus sect. Aeni sect, nov., a new section of the genus for A. karnatakaensis sp. nov. and some allied fungi

Species Strain No. a Substratum, country, location GenBank No.
β-tubulin calmodulin ITS
A. aeneus CBS 128.54T = NRRL4769 Forestsoil, Modilen, Somalia EF652298 EF652386 EF652474
A. crustosus CBS478.65T= NRRL4988 Skin scrapings, man, Kankakee, Illinois, USA EF652313 EF652401 EF652489
A. eburneocremeus CBS 130.54T = NRRL4773 Forest soil, Modien Forest, Somalia EF652300 EF652388 EF652476
A. heyangensis CBS 101751T Placentae of Gossypium sp., Heyang, Shaanxi Province, China FJ491520 FJ491521 FJ491522
A. karnatakaensis CBS 102800T = IBT 22153 Soil under coconut palm in coffee plantation, India, Karnataka EU482438 EU482431 EU482441
A. karnatakaensis CBS 102799 = IBT 22154 Soil under coconut palm in coffee plantation, India, Karnataka EU482436 EU482430 EU482443
A. karnatakaensis NRRL 4649 Soil in the Machrar river bed located in district Bansa, state Madhya Pradesh, India EF652292 EF652380 EF652468
E. bicolor CBS425.77T Soil from Artemisia grassland, USA, Wyoming, Teton Basin EF652335 EF652423 EF652511
E. discophora CBS469.88T = IBT 21910 Soil, Spain AY339999 EU443970 EU448272
E. discophora CBS470.88 = IBT 21911 Forest soil, Spain AY340000 EU443969 EU448266
E. foeniculicola CBS 156.80T Foeniculum vulgare seed, China EU443990 EU443968 EU448274
E. heterothallica CBS 489.65T Soil, Costa Rica EU076369 EU076361 AB248987
E. spectabilis CBS429.77T Coal mine spoil material, Wyoming, USA, Seminole no. 1 mine EU482437 EU482429 EU482442
  1. aCultures are deposited in/were obtained from the following collections: CBS, CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre, Utrecht, the Netherlands; IBT, Culture Collection of Fungi, Mycology Group, BioCentrum-DTU, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark; NRRL, Agricultural Research Service Culture Collection, Peoria, IL, USA.