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Table 1 List of specimens used for the molecular phylogenetic study (Fig. 1).

From: Theissenia reconsidered, including molecular phylogeny of the type species T. pyrenocrata and a new genus Durotheca (Xylariaceae, Ascomycota)

Taxon Original code Culture acc. no. Origin Locality/Collecting data (or origin in case of reference sequences retrieved from GenBank) GenBank Acc. no.
      Alpha-Actin Beta-Tubulin
Ootheca comedens XY00290 BCC22770 Thailand Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park, Phitsanulok; BBH18116 GQ160478 GQ160486
Ootheca comedens XY00513 BCC25014 Thailand Khao Nan National Park, Nakhon Si Thammarat; BBH25875 GQ160479 GQ160487
Ootheca comedens XY00531 BCC25152 Thailand Khao Nan National Park, Nakhon Si Thammarat; BBH25876 GQ160480 GQ160488
Ootheca comedens XY00534 BCC25155 Thailand Khao Ban That Wildlife Sanctuary Wildlife Sanctuary, Trang; BBH25877 GQ160481 GQ160489
Ootheca comedens XY00638 BCC28080 Thailand Kaeng Krachan National Park, Phetchaburi; BBH19755 GQ160482 GQ160490
Ootheca depressa XY00402 BCC23016 Thailand Doi Inthanon National Park, Chiang Mai; BBH18222 GQ160483 GQ160491
Ootheca depressa XY00619 BCC28073 Thailand Doi Inthanon National Park, Chiang Mai; BBH19737 GQ160484 GQ160492
Ootheca depressa XY00636 BCC28079 Thailand Doi Inthanon National Park, Chiang Mai (no specimen) GQ160485 GQ160493
Theissenia pyrenocrata TL-11480 none Ecuador Orellana, TL-11480 (QCNE, C) GQ247716 GQ247717
Amphilogia gyrosa none BCRC34145 Taiwan Ju & Hsieh 91123101 (HAST) (Ju et al. 2007) EF025600 EF025615
Annulohypoxylon bovei var. microsporum none BCRC34012 Taiwan Ju & Hsieh 90081914 (HAST) (Hsieh et al. 2005) AY951765 AY951654
Annulohypoxylon cohaerens none BCRC34013 France Fournier JF-03041 (Hsieh et al. 2005) AY951766 AY951655
Annulohypoxylon moriforme var. microdiscus none BCRC34018 Taiwan Ju & Hsieh 90080807 (HAST) (Hsieh et al. 2005) AY951769 AY951660
Annulohypoxylon nitens none BCRC34021 Taiwan Guu 91022108 (HAST) (Hsieh et al. 2005) AY951772 AY951663
Annulohypoxylon squamulosum none BCRC34022 Taiwan Holotype (HAST), see Ju et al. (2004) as Hypoxylon squamulosum. and Hsieh et al. (2005) AY951774 AY951665
Biscogniauxia anceps none BCRC34029 France Candoussau (Rogers et al. 1996, (Hsieh et al. 2005) AY951783 AY951671
Biscogniauxia arima none BCRC34030 Mexico Isotype (Ju et al.. 1998, Hsieh et al. 2005) AY951784 AY951672
Biscogniauxia capnodes none BCRC34032 Taiwan Ju 77031509 (Ju et al. 1998, (Hsieh et al. 2005) AY951787 AY951675
Biscogniauxia cylindrispora none BCRC33717 Taiwan Holotype (Ju & Rogers 2001, (Hsieh et al. 2005) AY951791 AY951679
Biscogniauxia latirima none BCRC34036 Taiwan Ju & Hsieh 90080703 (HAST) (Hsieh et al. 2005) AY951795 AY951683
Biscogniauxia mediterranea none BCRC34037 France Candoussau 366 (Ju et al. 1998, Hsieh et al. 2005) AY951796 AY951684
Biscogniauxia philippinensis var. microspora none BCRC33720 Taiwan Ju 89041101 (HAST) (Ju & Rogers 2001, Hsieh et al. 2005) AY951797 AY951685
Biscogniauxia simplicior none BCRC34038 France Candoussau 5354A (Ju et al. 1998, Hsieh et al. 2005) AY951798 AY951686
Cryphonectria macrospora none BCRC34146 Taiwan Ju & Hsieh 94031513 (HAST) (Ju et al. 2007) EF025587 EF025618
Daldinia caldariorum none BCRC34042 Taiwan Chen 957 (HAST) (Hsieh et al. 2005) AY951802 AY951690
Daldinia vernicosa none BCRC34048 Germany Wollweber 2899 (Ju et al. 1999 and Bitzer et al. 2008; as D. fissa); now deposited in KR 0026318 AY951809 AY951697
Daldinia loculata none KC1525 (Kew) UK K[M] 24541 (Stadler et al. 2001, Hsieh et al. 2005) AY951810 AY951698
Hypoxylon rubiginosum none BCRC34116 UK J.D. Rogers (Ju & Rogers 1996, (Hsieh et al. 2005)) AY951862 AY951751
Hypoxylon shearii var. minor none BCRC34093 Mexico Isotype (WSP) (San Martin et al. 1999, (Hsieh et al. 2005)) AY951864 AY951753
Kretzschmaria clavus none BCRC34147 French Guiana Huhndorf 803 (WSP) (Rogers & Ju 1998, Hsieh et al. 2009) EF025596 EF025611
Kretzschmaria lucidula none BCRC34148 French Guiana Huhndorf 677 (Rogers & Ju 1998, Hsieh et al. 2009) EF025595 EF025610
Kretzschmaria megalospora none N/A Malaysia M. Whalley FH 64–97 (JDR) (Hsieh et al. 2009) EF025594 EF025609
Nemania illita none BCRC34150 USA Missouri, Columbus, S.J. Tsai (JDR) (Hsieh et al. 2009) EF025593 EF025608
Nemania primolutea none BCRC34151 Taiwan Holotype (WSP) (Ju et al. 2005, Hsieh et al. 2009) EF025592 EF025607
Rosellinia lamprostoma none BCRC34152 Taiwan Ju & Hsieh 89112602 (HAST) (Hsieh et al. 2009) EF025589 EF025604
Rosellinia necatrix none BCRC34153 Taiwan Ju & Hsieh 89062904 (HAST) (Hsieh et al. 2009) EF025588 EF025603
Stilbohypoxylon elaeicola none BCRC34154 French Guiana Huhndorf 928 (Rogers and Ju 1997, as S. moelleri; Hsieh et al. 2009) EF025601 EF025616
Stilbohypoxylon quisquiliarum none BCRC34155 French Guiana Huhndorf 940 (Rogers & Ju 1997) (Hsieh et al. 2009) EF025590 EF025605
Stilbohypoxylon quisquiliarum none BCRC34156 Taiwan Ju & Hsieh 89091608 (HAST) (Hsieh et al. 2009) EF025591 EF025606
Theissenia (Ootheca) cinerea none BCRC34157 Taiwan Holotype (HAST) (Ju et al. 2003) EF025598 EF025613
Theissenia (Ootheca) rogersii none BCRC34158 Taiwan Holotype (HAST) (Ju et al. 2007) EF025597 EF025612
Whalleya microplaca none BCRC34159 Taiwan Ju & Hsieh 91111215 (HAST) (Hsieh et al. 2009) EF025599 EF025614
Xylaria bambusicola none BCRC34102 Taiwan Holotype (WSP) (Ju & Rogers 1999, Hsieh et al. 2009)) AY951873 AY951762
Xylaria venosula none BCRC34160 USA Hawaii, Ju & Hsieh 94080508 (HAST) (Hsieh et al. 2009) EF025602 EF025617