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Table 1 Isolates and reference specimens of Luteocirrhus shearii used in the phylogenetic, morphological analysis.

From: Luteocirrhus shearii gen. sp. nov. (Diaporthales, Cryphonectriaceae) pathogenic to Proteaceae in the South Western Australian Floristic Region

Isolate Western Australian Herbarium specimen Host Location ITS BT1 BT2 LSU
Bb7.2   Banksia baxteri Waychinicup National Park WA KC197020 KC197011 KC197005  
CBS2 130774        
Bb8.2 PERTH 08355347 B. baxteri Mt Groper WA KC197025 KC197016 KC197010  
Bb11.4   B. baxteri Stokes National
Park WA
KC197022 KC197013 KC197007 KC197017
Bb16.7 PERTH 08355339 B. baxteri Cape Riche WA KC197023 KC197014 KC197008  
Bb16H PERTH 08355290 B. baxteri Cape Riche WA KC197024 KC197015 KC197009 KC197018
CBS 130775        
Bb17.5 PERTH 08439362 B. baxteri Mettler Lake KC197021 KC197012 KC197006 KC197019
CBS 130776    Nature Reserve WA     
WAC 134251        
CC1572 PERTH 08355274 B. grandis Palmdale rd
Albany WA
CC1577 PERTH 8355266 B. grandis South Sister Nature reserve WA     
CC1579 PERTH 08355282 B. baxteri Waychinicup National Park WA     
CC1587 PERTH 08355304 B. pteridifolia Bremer Bay WA     
CC1589 PERTH 08355312 B. baxteri Mt Groper WA     
CC1590 PERTH 08355320 Lambertia echinata subsp. citrina Hassel National Park WA     
  1. 1 Ex-type culture.
  2. 2 CBS, Centaalbureau voor Schimmelcultures, Utrecht, the Netherlands.
  3. 3 WAC, Department Agriculture Plant Pathogen Collection, Department of Agriculture Western Australia.