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Table 2 Morphological characteristics of Luteocirrhus compared with other genera of Cryphonectriaceae having entirely black conidiomata.

From: Luteocirrhus shearii gen. sp. nov. (Diaporthales, Cryphonectriaceae) pathogenic to Proteaceae in the South Western Australian Floristic Region

Morphological characteristics Celoporthe Chrysoporthe Luteocirrhus
Conidiomatal colour Entirely fuscous black when mature Entirely fuscous black Entirely fuscous black
Conidiomatal position in bark Superficial Superficial Semi immersed
Conidiomatal shape Pulvinate to conical/globose, ± neck Pyriform to pulvinate, one to four attenuated necks Pulvinate to globose, ± neck
Conidiomatal stromatic tissue Prosenchyma and pseudoparenchyma Textura globulosa and textura porrecta Basal textura globulosa
Paraphyses Present Absent Present
Periphyses Absent Absent Absent
Conidial shape Cylindrical oblong Cylindrical or slightly allantoid
Condial colour on mass Luteous Luteous Luteous