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Fig. 4. | IMA Fungus

Fig. 4.

From: Colletotrichum caudatum s.l. is a species complex

Fig. 4.

Confidence split decomposition networks (95 %) constructed from Colletotrichum isolates with caudate conidia, and illustrated as rectangular reticulate phylograms. Trees are outgroup rooted using C. navitas isolates CBS125086 and 9032d (not illustrated in all trees). Bootstrap support values >75 are shown at nodes. Reticulating angular branches coloured blue represent alternative, conflicting signal in the dataset. Group designations S1–S4 are given based on clades determined to be genealogically concordant across the four single-locus phylogenies. A. Sod2 dataset, including fungarium specimen sequence data. B. Mat/Apn2 dataset. C. ITS dataset. D. Apn2 dataset.

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