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Table 1 List of the newly generated ITS rDNA sequences.

From: The genus Lactarius s. str. (Basidiomycota, Russulales) in Togo (West Africa): phylogeny and a new species described

Species Collection numbers Country ENA accession numbers
Lactarius afroscrobiculatus ADK4599 Togo HG917377
Lactarius kabansus MD132 Togo HG917376
Lactarius kabansus AV99–179 Zimbabwe HG917390
Lactarius saponaceus MD390 Togo HG917378
Lactarius subbaliophaeus MD100 Togo HG917372
Lactarius tenellus MD149 Togo HG917373
Lactarius tenellus ADK397 Kenya HG917389
Lactarius sp. MD391 Togo HG917380
Lactarius miniatescens MD151 Togo HG917374
Lactarius aff. miniatescens MD177 Burkina Fasso HG917375
Lactifluus edulis C2168 Togo HG917384
Lactifluus densiofolius C2362 Togo HG917385
Lactifluus longipes ADK4315 Togo HG917383
Lactifluus longipes C2445 Togo HG917391
Lactifluus foetens C1822 Togo HG917382
Lactilfuus foetens MD150 Togo HG917381
Lactifluus rubiginosus MD389 Togo HG917386
Termitomyces sp. MD388 Togo HG917388
Russula congoana MD129 Togo HG917387