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Table 2 Phaeoacremonium species, accession numbers, and collection details of isolates studied.

From: New Phaeoacremonium species isolated from sandalwood trees in Western Australia

Species Isolate 1 Accesion No. 2 GenBank Accesions
    ACT BT
Phaeoacremonium santali (clade 1) E2.1B A2 KF835395 KF823789
  E9.3A A3 KF835396 KF823790
  E19.2C A4 KF835397 KF823791
  - A5 KF835398 KF823792
  E11.2A A6 KF835399 KF823793
  E15.1A A7 KF835400 KF823794
  F3.4 A26 KF835401 KF823795
  F6.7 A27 KF835402 KF823796
  F2.3 A28, CBS 137498 KF835403 KF823797
  E7.7 A29 KF835304 KF823798
  F2.4 A30 KF835405 KF823799
  E9.3 A35 KJ533536 KJ533532
  E9.2 A36 KJ533537 KJ533533
  F32.2C A37 KJ533538 KJ533534
  E38.3B A38 KJ533539 KJ533535
Phaeoacremonium luteum (clade 2) F3.7 A16, CBS 137497 KF835406 KF823800
  F2.4 A17 KF835407 KF823801
  F3.3 A18 KF835408 KF823802
  F2.1 A19 KF835409 KF823803
  F2.5 A20 KF835410 KF823804
  E30.SB A33 KJ533542 KJ533540
  F37.3B A34 KJ533543 KJ533541
Phaeoacremonium alvesii (clade 3) F1.2A A21 KF790540 KF790535
  F11.5B A22 KF790541 KF790536
  F15.3A A23 KF790542 KF790537
  F15.5A A24 KF790543 KF790538
  F5.4A A25 KF790544 KF790539
Phaeoacremonium parasiticum (clade 4) E15.3A A8 KF790555 KF790545
  E8.3B A9 KF790556 KF790546
  E8.2 A10 KF790557 KF790547
  F11.4E A11 KF790558 KF790548
  E15.1B A12 KF790559 KF790549
  E8.3 A13 KF790560 KF790550
  F15.5B A14 KF790561 KF790551
  F11.2C A15 KF790562 KF790552
  F11.5C A31 KF790563 KF790553
  F5.5 A32 KF790564 KF790554
Phaeoacremonium venezuelense (clade 5) F32.2A A39 KJ496346 KJ496345
  1. 1 All the isolates were collected in Kununurra (Australia) by TI Burgess.
  2. 2 CBS: Culture collection of the CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre, Utrecht, The Netherlands.