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Table 1 Details of fungal strains included in the molecular and morphological analyses.

From: Mycoparasitic species of Sphaerellopsis, and allied lichenicolous and other genera

Species name in manuscript Strain accession number 1 Substrate of isolation Origin GenBank accession numbers 3  
Acrocalymma fici CBS 317.76 ex-type Bark of Ficus sp. India KP170619 KP170712 KP170663 KP170687
Acrocalymma medicaginis CPC 24340 = BRIP 5876a = IMI 165613 ex-type Medicago sativa Australia: QLD KP170620 KP170713
  CPC 24341 Medicago sativa Australia: QLD KP170621 KP170714
  CPC 24342 = BRIP 14544a Medicago sativa Australia: QLD KP170622 KP170715
  CPC 24343 Medicago sativa Australia: QLD KP170623 KP170716
  CPC 24344 = BRIP 15915a Medicago sativa Australia: QLD KP170624 KP170717
  CPC 24345 Medicago sativa Australia: QLD KP170625 KP170718
  CPC 24346 = BRIP 16416a Medicago sativa Australia: SA KP170719
  CPC 24347 Medicago sativa Australia: SA KP170720
Acrocalymma vagum CPC 24216 = Rv-17 Water melon Spain KP170626
  CPC 24217 = Rv-25 Cucumis melo Spain KP170627
  CPC 24218 = Rv-43 Cucumis melo Spain KP170628
  CPC 24219 = Rv-55 Cucumis melo Spain KP170629
  CPC 24220 = Rv-77 Vitis vinifera Spain KP170630
  CPC 24221 = Rv-86 Amaranthus sp. Spain KP170631
  CPC 24222 = Rv-110 Cucumis melo USA: Texas KP170632
  CPC 24223 = Rv-0103 Cucurbita rootstock Spain KP170633
  CPC 24224 = Rv-0703 Citrullus lanatus Spain KP170634
  CPC 24225 = Rv-1403 Cucumis sativus Spain KP170635
  CPC 24226 = Rv-0504 Cucurbita rootstock Spain KP170636
  CPC 24227 = Rv-0106 Eriobotrya japonica Spain KP170637
Diederichomyces caloplacae CBS 129140 Caloplaca cerina Canada KP170638 JQ238637 KP170664 KP170688
  CBS 129338 Caloplaca cerina Canada KP170639 JQ238643 KP170665 KP170689
Diederichomyces cladoniicola CBS 128023 Squamarina cartilaginea Belgium KP170640 JQ238622 KP170666 KP170690
  CBS 128025 Squamarina cartilaginea Belgium KP170641 JQ238625 KP170667 KP170691
  CBS 128026 Cladonia sp. Spain KP170642 JQ238628 KP170668 KP170692
  CBS 128027 Parmelina tiliacea Spain KP170643 JQ238631 KP170669 KP170693
  CBS 131731 Ramalina pollinaria France KP170644 KP170670 KP170694
  CBS 131732 Cladonia symphycarpa France KP170645 KP170671 KP170695
  CBS 131733 Cladonia rangiformis France KP170646 KP170672 KP170696
Diederichomyces ficuzzae CBS 128019 Ramalina fastigiata France KP170647 JQ238616 KP170673 KP170697
Diederichomyces foliaceiphila CBS 129141 Cladonia squamosa Belgium KP170648 JQ238640 KP170674 KP170698
  CBS 131729 Cladonia Belgium KP170649 KP170675 KP170699
  CBS 131730 Parmelia sulcata Belgium KP170650 KP170676 KP170700
Diederichomyces xanthomendozae CBS 129666 ex-type Xanthomendoza hasseana Canada KP170651 JQ238634 KP170677 KP170701
Neosphaerellopsis thailandica CPC 21659 ex-type Bothriochloa bladhii Thailand KP170652 KP170721 KP170678 KP170702
Neottiosporina paspali CBS 331.37 Paspalum notatum USA: Florida KP170653 EU754172
Paraphaeosphaeria parmeliae CBS 131728 ex-type Parmelia sulcata Belgium KP170654 KP170722 KP170679 KP170703
Sphaerellopsis filum CBS 234.51 = ATCC 22603 Puccinia coronata on Lolium italicum Switzerland KP170655 KP170723 KP170680 KP170704
  CBS 235.51 = ATCC 22604 Puccinia hordei on Ornithogalum divergens Portugal KP170656 KP170724 KP170681 KP170705
  CBS 317.68 ex-neotype Puccinia deschampsiae uredinium, on Deschampsia caespitosa Germany KP170657 KP170725 KP170682 KP170706
Sphaerellopsis macroconidialis CBS 233.51 = ATCC 11100 = VKM F-2880 Uromyces caryophylli on Dianthus caryophyllus Italy KP170658 KP170726 KP170683 KP170707
  CBS 658.78 ex-type Puccinia allii sori, on Allium schoenoprasum Netherlands KP170659 KP170727 KP170684 KP170708
  CPC 21113 Rust on Carex acutiformis Netherlands KP170660 KP170728 KP170709
Sphaerellopsis paraphysata CBS 137231 = CPC 23547 Ravenelia macowania on Vachellia karroo South Africa KP170661
  CPC 21841 ex-type Pennistum sp. Brazil KP170662 KP170729 KP170685 KP170710
Xenophoma puncteliae CBS 128022 ex-type Punctelia rudecta USA JQ238617 JQ238619 KP170686 KP170711
  1. 1 ATCC: American Type Culture Collection, Virginia, USA; BRIP: Plant Pathology Herbarium, Department of Primary Industries, Queensland, Australia; CBS: CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre, Utrecht, The Netherlands; CPC: Culture collection of Pedro Crous, housed at CBS; IMI: International Mycological Institute, CABI-Bioscience, Egham, UK; VKM: All-Russian Collection of Microorganisms, Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Biochemistry and Physiology of Microorganisms, 142292 Pushchino, Moscow Region, Russia.
  2. 2 ITS: internal transcribed spacers and intervening 5.8S nrDNA; LSU: large subunit (28S) of the nrRNA gene operon; TEF-1α: partial translation elongation factor 1-alpha gene; TUB: partial beta-tubulin gene.