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Table 1 Identity, date and location of isolation, host information and GenBank accession numbers (where available) for Phytophthora spp. considered in this study.

From: Phytophthora boodjera sp. nov., a damping-off pathogen in production nurseries and from urban and natural landscapes, with an update on the status of P. alticola

Species Location Isolation date Host association Isolate number 2   GenBank Accession No.  
      ITS BT HSP ENO cox1
P. alticola 1 Midillovo, KwaZulu-Natal 2000–20046 Eucalyptus badjensis CMW 19417      
ex-holotype (KZN), South Africa    CBS 121937 q-bank5     q-bank5
P. alticola 1 Midillovo, KZN, South Africa 2000–2004 E. macarthurii CMW 19424 DQ988197 DQ988236    
ex-paratype     CBS 121938      
P. alticola1 Paulpetersburg, KZN, 2000–2004 E. dunnii CMW 19425 DQ988196 DQ988235    
ex-paratype South Africa    CBS 121939 q-bank5     q-bank5
     CMW 342794 HQ013214 KJ372275 KJ396703 KJ396731 KJ396686
P. alticola1 unknown   Unknown P16052 GU259141     HQ261245
P. boodjera Mt Claremont, Perth, WA 05/2011 Agonis flexuosa PAB 11.564 KC748460 KJ372280 KJ396708 KJ396736 KJ396687
  Dalkeith, Perth, WA 05/2011 Eucalyptus marginata PAB 11.674 KC748461 KJ372276 KJ396704 KJ396732 KJ396682
  Ravensthorpe, WA 08/2006 Banksia media VHS 162823 EU301117 KJ372281 KJ396709 KJ396737 HQ013198
  Kensington, Perth, WA 02/2012 Eucalyptus sp. VHS 266314 KJ372240 KJ372277 KJ396705 KJ396733 KJ396683
ex-holotype Tincurrin, WA 03/2012 Soil dump VHS 268064 KJ372244 KJ372283 KJ396710 KJ396738 KJ396688
     CBS 138637      
  Tincurrin, WA 04/2012 Eucalyptus sp. VHS 270164 KJ372245     
  Tincurrin, WA 04/2012 Eucalyptus sp. VHS 270174 KJ372246 KJ372284 KJ396711 KJ396739 KJ396689
  Tincurrin, WA 04/2012 Eucalyptus sp. VHS 270184 KJ372247 KJ372285 KJ396712 KJ396740 KJ396690
  Tincurrin, WA 04/2012 Eucalyptus sp. VHS 270204 KJ372248 KJ372286 KJ396713 KJ396741 KJ396691
  Tincurrin, WA 04/2012 Eucalyptus sp. VHS 270214 KJ372249 KJ372287 KJ396714 KJ396742 KJ396692
  Tincurrin, WA 04/2012 Eucalyptus sp. VHS 270224 KJ372250 KJ372288 KJ396715 KJ396743 KJ396693
  Tincurrin, WA 04/2012 E. polybractea VHS 271714 KJ372241 KJ372278 KJ396706 KJ396734 KJ396684
  Stirling, Perth, WA 11/2012 Xanthorrhoea preissii VHS 273824 KJ372242 KJ372279 KJ396707 KJ396735 KJ396685
  Gingin, WA 11/2012 B. grandis VHS 28352      
  Northam, WA 09/2013 Corymbia calophylla TP 13.39      
P. arenaria Kalbarri, WA 06/1986 Kwongan heathland DDS 12214 EU593266 KJ372297 KJ396724 KJ396752 HQ013201
  Eneabba, WA 02/2009 E. drummondii CBS 1258004 HQ013205 KJ372296 KJ396723 KJ396751 HQ013215
ex-holotype Eneabba, WA 02/2009 E. drummondii CBS 1279504 HQ013219 KJ372289 KJ396716 KJ396744 HQ013203
  Lancelin, WA 11/2001 B. menziesii VHS 98614 EU301118 KJ372290 KJ396717 KJ396745 HQ013202
     IMI 389662      
  Bunbury, WA 02/2002 B. littoralis VHS 10154 EU301114 KJ372298 KJ396725 KJ396753 KJ396697
     IMI 389663      
  Badgingarra, WA 04/2006 B. attenuata VHS 154534 EU301115 KJ372291 KJ396718 KJ396746 HQ013199
  Badgingarra, WA 04/2006 B. attenuata VHS 154894 HQ013216 KJ372292 KJ396719 KJ396747 HQ013200
  Eneabba, WA 06/2008 B. attenuata VHS 199314 HQ013217 KJ372293 KJ396720 KJ396748 KJ396694
  Eneabba, WA 11/2008 B. attenuata VHS 205374 KJ372253 KJ372299 KJ396727 KJ396754 KJ396698
  Ellenbrook, Perth, WA 09/2011 Banksia sp. VHS 253704 KJ372254 KJ372300 KJ396726 KJ396755 KJ396699
  Dongara, WA 11/2012 Banksia sp. VHS 28145 KJ372251 KJ372294 KJ396721 KJ396749 KJ396695
  Muchea, WA 12/2012 X. preissii VHS 28269 KJ372252 KJ372295 KJ396722 KJ396750 KJ396696
P. frigida South Africa   Eucalyptus sp. P 16059 GU259147     HQ261313
P. palmivora United States    P 0113 GU259121 EU080465 EU080468 EU080467 HQ261383
P. heveae United States    P 10167 GU259516 EU080796 EU080799 EU080798  
P. quercetorum United States    MD 9.2   EU080901 EU080904 EU080903  
P. castaneae Japan    P 10187 FJ801304 EUO80803 EU080806 EU080805 HQ261348
P. megakarya Sao Tome and Principe    P 8516 PD5 EU079970 EU079973 EU079972 HQ261356
P. nicotianeae Australia   Nicotiana tabacum 332      AY129169
P. cactorum United States   Malus sylvestris NY 568      AY129174
P. plurivora Germany   Quercus robur CBS 124087      FJ237510
  1. 1See Table 2 for explanation on the status of these isolates.
  2. 2Abbreviations of isolates in culture collections (where known): CBS = Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures, The Netherlands; IMI = CABI Bioscience (formerly International Mycological Institute), UK; VHS = Vegetation Health Service Collection, Department of Parks and Wildlife, Perth, Australia; DDS = earlier prefix of VHS Collection; PAB = Paul Barber, in Murdoch University (MU) Culture Collection; TP = Trudy Paap, in Murdoch University (MU) Culture Collection; CMW = culture collection of Forestry and Agriculture Biotechnology Institute, University of Pretoria, South Africa; P = isolate codes from World Phytophthora Collection, University of California, Riverside.
  3. 3Designated as Phytophthora taxon arenaria-like by Rea et al. (2011).
  4. 4Isolates used in the morphological study.
  5. 5Sequence available on Phytophthora database ( q-bank (
  6. 6No specific dates provided by Maseko et al. (2004), just date range under ‘sampling and isolation’.