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Table 1 . Species and culture information of Ophiocordycipitaceae used for phylogenetic analyses, and sequences of ARSEF Hirsutella cultures additionally obtained in this study, with typification of relevant taxa. Sequences obtained in this study in bold.

From: Phylogeny of Hirsutella species (Ophiocordycipitaceae) from the USA: remedying the paucity of Hirsutella sequence data

      GenBank accession no.  
Species Isolate no. Host tef1 rpb1 18S rDNA ITS rDNA 1 28S rDNA 1
Hirsutella cf. haptospora ARSEF 2228 Diptera: Itonididae KM652001 KM652041 KM652075 KM652166 KM652118
Hirsutella citriformis ARSEF 490 Hemiptera: Delphacidae KM651987    KM652151 KM652103
Hirsutella citriformis ARSEF 591 Hemiptera: Delphacidae KM651988    KM652152 KM652104
Hirsutella citriformis ARSEF 1035 Hemiptera: Cixiidae KM651989 KM652030 KM652064 KM652153 KM652105
Hirsutella citriformis ARSEF 1446 Hemiptera: Cixiidae KM651990 KM652031 KM652065 KM652154 KM652106
Hirsutella citriformis ARSEF 2598 Hemiptera: Psyllidae KM651991    KM652155 KM652107
Hirsutella citriformus ARSEF 9180 Hemiptera: Psyllidae     KM652156 KM652108
Hirsutella cryptosclerotium T ARSEF 4517 Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae KM651992 KM652032 KM652066 KM652157 KM652109
Hirsutella fusiformis ARSEF 5474 Coleoptera: Curculionidae KM651993 KM652033 KM652067   KM652110
Hirsutella gigantea ARSEF 30 Hymenoptera: Pamphiliidae JX566980 KM652034    
Hirsutella guyana ARSEF 878 Hemiptera: Cicadellidae KM651994 KM652035 KM652068 KM652158 KM652111
Hirsutella haptospora T ARSEF 2226 Acari: Uropodina KM651995 KM652036   KM652159  
Hirsutella illustris ARSEF 5539 Hemiptera: Aphididae KM651996 KM652037 KM652069 KM652160 KM652112
Hirsutella kirchneri ARSEF 5551 Acari: Eriophyidae KM651997   KM652070 KM652161 KM652113
Hirsutella lecaniicola ARSEF 8888 Hemiptera: Coccidae KM651998 KM652038 KM652071 KM652162 KM652114
Hirsutella liboensis ARSEF 9603 Lepidoptera: Cossidae    KM652072 KM652163 KM652115
Hirsutella necatrix I ARSEF 5549 Acari KM651999 KM652039 KM652073 KM652164 KM652116
Hirsutella nodulosa ARSEF 5473 Lepidoptera: Pyralidae KM652000 KM652040 KM652074 KM652165 KM652117
Hirsutella radiata ARSEF 1369 Diptera KM652002 KM652042 KM652076   KM652119
Hirsutella repens nom. inval. ARSEF 2348 Hemiptera: Delphacidae KM652003   KM652077 KM652167 KM652120
Hirsutella rhossiliensis ARSEF 2931 Tylenchida: Heteroderidae KM652004 KM652043 KM652078 KM652168 KM652121
Hirsutella rhossiliensis ARSEF 3207   KM652005 KM652044 KM652079 KM652169 KM652122
Hirsutella rhossiliensis ARSEF 3747 Tylenchida: Criconematidae KM652006 KM652045 KM652080 KM652170 KM652123
Hirsutella rhossiliensis ARSEF 3751   KM652007 KM652046 KM652081 KM652171 KM652124
Hirsutellasatumaensis ARSEF 996 Lepidoptera: Pyralidae KM652008 KM652047 KM652082 KM652172 KM652125
Hirsutella sinensis ARSEF 6282 Lepidoptera: Hepialidae KM652009 KM652048 KM652083 KM652173 KM652126
Hirsutella sp. ARSEF 7578 ARSEF 7578 Hymenoptera: Formicidae JX566981 KJ680152    
Hirsutella sp. ARSEF 8378 ARSEF 8378 Hemiptera: Cixiidae KM652010 KM652049 KM652084   KM652127
Hirsutella sp. NHJ NHJ 12525 Hemiptera EF469063 EF469092 EF469125   
Hirsutella sp. OSC OSC 128575 Hemiptera EF469064 EF469093 EF469126   
Hirsutella stilbelliformis var. myrmicarumP IMI 396397 Hymenoptera: Formicidae GQ866964     
Hirsutella strigosa ARSEF 2044 Hemiptera: Delphacidae KM652011    KM652174 KM652128
Hirsutella strigosa ARSEF 2197 Hemiptera: Cicadellidae KM652012 KM652050 KM652085 KM652175 KM652129
      GenBank accession no.  
Species Isolate no. Host tef1 rpb1 18S rDNA ITS rDNA 1 28S rDNA 1
Hirsutella subramanianii var. myrmicarumT IMI 396400 Hymenoptera: Formicidae EU797598     
Hirsutella subulata ARSEF 2227 Lepidoptera: Microlepidoptea KM652013 KM652051 KM652086 KM652176 KM652130
Hirsutella thompsonii ARSEF 241 Acari: Eriophyidae KM652015    KM652178 KM652132
Hirsutella thompsonii ARSEF 253 Acari: Eriophyidae KM652016   KM652088 KM652179 KM652133
Hirsutella thompsonii ARSEF 255 Acari: Eriophyidae KM652017   KM652089 KM652180 KM652134
Hirsutella thompsonii ARSEF 256 Acari: Eriophyidae KM652018 KM652053 KM652090 KM652181 KM652135
Hirsutella thompsonii ARSEF 257 Acari: Eriophyidae KM652019 KM652054 KM652091 KM652182 KM652136
Hirsutella thompsonii ARSEF 258 Acari: Eriophyidae KM652020 KM652055 KM652092   KM652137
Hirsutella thomponii ARSEF 259 Acari: Eriophyidae     KM652183 KM652138
Hirsutella thompsonii ARSEF 414 Acari: Eriophyidae KM652021 KM652056 KM652093 KM652184 KM652139
Hirsutella thompsonii ARSEF 2012 Acari: Eriophyidae     KM652185 KM652140
Hirsutella thompsonii ARSEF 2464 Acari: Eriophyidae KM652022 KM652057 KM652094 KM652186 KM652141
Hirsutella thompsonii ARSEF 2800 Acari KM652023 KM652058 KM652095 KM652187 KM652142
Hirsutella thompsonii ARSEF 3323 Acari: Tenuipalpidae KM652024 KM652059 KM652096 KM652188 KM652143
Hirsutella thompsonii ARSEF 3482   KM652025 KM652060 KM652097 KM652189 KM652144
Hirsutella thompsonii ARSEF 9457 Acari: Tetranychidae    KM652098 KM652190 KM652145
Hirsutella thompsonii “var. synnematosa ARSEF 1947 Acari: Tarsonemidae KM652026    KM652191 KM652146
Hirsutella thompsonii “var. synnematosa ARSEF 2459 Acari: Eriophyidae KM652027 KM652061 KM652099 KM652192 KM652147
Hirsutella thompsonii var. synnematosa ARSEF 5412 Acari: Tetranychidae    KM652100 KM652193 KM652148
Hirsutella thompsonii var. thompsoniiN ARSEF137 Acari: Eriophyidae KM652014 KM652052 KM652087 KM652177 KM652131
Hirsutella thompsonii var. vinaceaT ARSEF 254 Acari: Eriophyidae KM652028 KM652062 KM652101 KM652194 KM652149
Hirsutella versicolor ARSEF 1037 Hemiptera: M embracidae KM652029 KM652063 KM652102   KM652150
Ophiocordyceps acicularis OSC 110987 Coleoptera EF468744 EF468852 EF468950   
Ophiocordyceps cf. acicularis OSC 128580 Coleoptera DQ522326 DQ522371 DQ522543   
Ophiocordyceps agriotidis ARSEF 5692 Arthropoda DQ522322 DQ522368 DQ522540   
Ophiocordyceps aphodii ARSEF 5498 Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae DQ522323   DQ522541   
Ophiocordyceps brunneipunctata OSC 128576 Coleoptera: Elateridae DQ522324 DQ522369 DQ522542   
Ophiocordyceps clavata NBRC 106961    JN992461 JN941727   
Ophiocordyceps communis NHJ 12581 Isoptera EF468775   EF468973   
Ophiocordyceps communis NHJ 12582 Isoptera EF468771   EF468975   
Ophiocordyceps elongata OSC 110989 Lepidoptera EF468748 EF468856    
Ophiocordyceps entomorrhiza KEW 53484 Coleoptera EF468749 EF468857 EF468954   
Ophiocordyceps gracilis EFCC 8572 Lepidoptera EF468751 EF468859 EF468956   
      GenBank accession no.
Species Isolate no. Host tef1 rpb1 18S rDNA ITS rDNA 1 28S rDNA 1
Ophiocordyceps heteropoda EFCC 10125 Hemiptera EF468752 EF468860 EF468957   
Ophiocordyceps irangiensis OSC 128578 Hymenoptera: Formicidae DQ522345 DQ522391 DQ522556   
Ophiocordyceps irangiensis OSC 128579 Hymenoptera: Formicidae EF469060 EF469089 EF469123   
Ophiocordyceps kniphofioides   Hymenoptera: Formicidae KC610739   KC610790   
Ophiocordyceps konnoana EFCC 7295 Coleoptera   EF468862 EF468958   
Ophiocordyceps konnoana EFCC 7315 Coleoptera EF468753 EF468861 EF468959   
Ophiocordyceps longissima EFCC 6814 Hemiptera: Cicadidae EF468757 EF468865    
Ophiocordyceps melolonthae OSC 110993 Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae DQ522331 DQ522376 DQ522548   
Ophiocordyceps myrmicarum T 2 ARSEF 11864 Hymenoptera: Formicidae JX566973 KJ680151 KJ680150   
Ophiocordyceps nigrealla EFCC 9247 Lepidoptera EF468758 EF468866 EF468963   
Ophiocordyceps nutans OSC 110994 Hemiptera: Pentatomidae DQ522333 DQ522378 DQ522549   
Ophiocordyceps pruinosa NHJ 12994 Hemiptera EU369024 EU369063 EU369106   
Ophiocordyceps pulvinata TNS F30044 Hymenoptera: Formicidae GU904209 GU904210 GU904208   
Ophiocordyceps ravenelii OSC 110995 Coleoptera DQ522334 DQ522379 DQ522550   
Ophiocordyceps rhizoidea NHJ 12522 Isoptera EF468764 EF468873 EF468970   
Ophiocordyceps sinensis EFCC 7287 Lepidoptera EF468767 EF468874 EF468971   
Ophiocordyceps sobolifera KEW 78842 Hemiptera: Cicadidae   EF468875 EF468972   
Ophiocordyceps sp. OSC OSC 110997 Hymenoptera: Formicidae EF468774 EF468879 EF468976   
Ophiocordyceps stylophora OSC 111000 Coleoptera: Elateridae DQ522337 DQ522382 DQ522552   
Ophiocordyceps unilateralis OSC 128574 Hymenoptera: Formicidae DQ522339 DQ522385 DQ522554   
Ophiocordyceps variabilis ARSEF 5365 Diptera: Xylophagidae DQ522340   DQ522555   
Cordyceps gunnii OSC 76404 Lepidoptera AY489616 AY489650 AF339572   
Nomuraea atypicola CBS 744.73 Arachnida EF468786 EF468892 EF468987   
  1. IIndicates ex-isotype culture.
  2. NIndicates ex-neotype culture.
  3. PIndicated ex-paratype culture.
  4. TIndicates ex-holotype culture.
  5. 1Sequences were not used for phylogenetic analyses.
  6. 2Ophiocordyceps myrmicarum is noted, because it is only known from its asexual life stage.