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Table 1 Knoxdaviesia capensis isolates obtained from Protea repens.

From: Knoxdaviesia proteae is not the only Knoxdaviesia-symbiont of Protea repens

Knoxdaviesia capensis isolate Sampling location GenBank ITS accession
G024 Gouritz KP263518
G025 KP263519
G027 KP263520
G067 KP263521
G074 KP263522
G075 KP263523
G080 KP263524
G081 KP263525
G084 KP263526
G106 KP263527
F4.2 Franschhoek KP263528
F6.3 KP263529
F9.4 KP263530
F11.6 KP263531
F12.3 KP263532
F14.1 KP263533
F16.1a KP263534
F16.2a KP263535
F16.7a KP263536
F16.8a KP263537
F16.9a KP263538
F16.10a KP263539
F19.10 KP263540
F27.2 KP263541
F31.2 KP263542
R7 (CBS 140644)b KT970644
  1. a Sampling plot F16 yielded Knoxdaviesia capensis isolates, exclusively.
  2. b Representative isolate available from the CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre, Utrecht, The Netherlands.