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Table 2 Comparison of structural features of the described mycorrhizas of Lactifluus rugatus and either host- or phylogenetically-related Lactifluus/Lactarius species.

From: Peering into the Mediterranean black box: Lactifluus rugatus ectomycorrhizas on Cistus

Ectomycorrhizhal type System/appearance SV ML IV RHIZ Host Reference
Lactifluus rugatus m-pyr, short spiny cys + pl pl pl / Cistus present work
Lactarius cistophilus simple (pinnate), smooth ps dpl + lact dpl / Cistus Comandini & Rinaldi 2008
Lactarius tesquorum simple/m-p, smooth pl dpl + lact dpl hd Cistus Nuytinck et al. 2004
Lactifluus piperatus m-p, woolly hh + ps / / dif Fagus Beenken 2004
Lactifluus volemus var. volemus simple (monopodialpinnate), smooth/cottony hh + pl ps ps + lact / Shorea Kumar & Atri 2016
Lactifluus vellereus m-pyr, smooth/mildly grainy hn + ps / pl + lact undif Fagus Grebenc 2005, Grebenc et al. 2009
  1. SV, surface view; ML, middle layer; IV, inner view; RHIZ, rhizomorphs; cys, cystidia; dpl, densely plectenchymatous; hd, highly differentiated; hh, extramatrical hyphae; hn, hyphal net; lact, lactifers; m-p, monopodial pinnate; m-pyr, monopodial pyramidal; pl, plectenchymatous; ps, pseudoparenchymatous; undif, undifferentiated.