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Table 1 Sources of isolates and GenBank accession numbers used in the phylogenetic analyses of Diaporthaceae.

From: Diaporthe is paraphyletic

Species names* Culture collection no. Isolation sources Country GenBank Accession Numbers References
D. acaciigena CBS 129521 (ex-type) Acacia retinodes Australia KC343005 - KC343731 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. ampelina FAU 586 Vitis sp. USA: New York - AF439635 - -
D. angelicae CBS 111592 Heracleum sphondylium Austria KC343027 - KC343753 Gomes et al. (2013)
  AR 3724 Heracleum sphondylium Austria KC343026 - KC343752 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. apiculata LC 3418 (ex-type) Camellia sinensis China KP267896 KY011852 KP267970 This study
  LC 3452 Camellia sinensis China KP267901 KY011853 KP267975 This study
D. arecae complex LC 4155 Rhododendron sp. China KY011895 KY011879 KY011906 This study
  LC 4159 Rhododendron sp. China KY011896 KY011880 KY011907 This study
  LC 4164 Unknown host China KY011897 KY011881 KY011908 This study
D. biguttusis LC1106 (ex-type) Lithocarpus glaber China KF576282 KY011878 KF576257 This study
D. compacta LC 3078 Camellia sinensis China KP267850 KY011839 KP267924 This study
  LC 3083 (ex-type) Camellia sinensis China KP267854 KY011840 KP267928 This study
  LC 3084 Camellia sinensis China KP267855 KY011841 KP267929 This study
D. decedens CBS 109772 Corylus avellana Austria KC343059 - KC343785 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. detrusa CBS 109770 Berberis vulgaris Austria KC343061 - KC343787 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. discoidispora LC 3503 Camellia sinensis China KY011887 KY011854 KY011898 This study
D. elaeagni-glabrae LC 4802 (ex-type) Elaeagnus glabra China KX986779 KY011885 KX999171 This study
  LC 4806 Elaeagnus glabra China KX986780 KY011886 KX999172 This study
D. ellipicola LC0810 (ex-type) Lithocarpus glaber China KF576270 KY011873 KF576245 This study
D. eres LC 3198 Camellia sinensis China KP267873 KY011845 KP267947 This study
  LC 3205 Camellia sinensis China KP714499 KY011846 KP714511 This study
  LC 3206 Camellia sinensis China KP714500 KY011847 KP714512 This study
  CBS 109767 Acer campestre Austria KC343075 - KC343801 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. fusicola LC 1126 Lithocarpus glaber China KF576281 KY011836 KF576256 This study
  LC 0778 (ex-type) Lithocarpus glaber China KF576263 KY011877 KF576238 This study
D. hongkongensis LC 0784 Lithocarpus glaber China KC153104 KY011876 KC153095 This study
  LC 0812 Smilax china China KC153103 KY011875 KC153094 This study
D. incompleta LC 6706 Camellia sinensis China KX986793 KY011859 KX999185 This study
  LC 1127 (ex-type) Lithocarpus glaber China KF576267 KY011837 KF576242 This study
D. mahothocarpi LC 0732 Mahonia bealei China KC153097 KY011872 KC153088 This study
  LC 0763 (ex-type) Lithocarpus glaber China KC153096 KY011871 KC153087 This study
D. masirevicii Diaporthe sp. Camellia sinensis China KY011888 KY011861 KY011899 This study
D. neoarctii CBS 109490 Ambrosia trifida USA: New Jersey KC343145 - KC343871 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. oncostoma CBS 109741 Robinia pseudoacacia Russia KC343161 - KC343887 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. oraccinii LC 3166 (ex-type) Camellia sinensis China KP267863 KY011843 KP267937 This study
  LC 3172 Camellia sinensis China KP267864 KY011844 KP267938 This study
  LC 3296 Camellia sinensis China KP267884 KY011849 KP267958 This study
D. ovoicicola LC 1128 (ex-type) Lithocarpus glaber China KF576264 KY011838 KF576239 This study
D. penetriteum LC 3215 Camellia sinensis China KP267879 KY011848 KP267953 This study
  LC 3353 (ex-type) Camellia sinensis China KP714505 KY011850 KP714517 This study
  LC 3394 Camellia sinensis China KP267893 KY011851 KP267967 This study
D. perjuncta CBS 109745 Ulmus glabra Austria KC343172 - KC343898 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. pseudophoenicicola LC 6150 Phoenix canariensis China KY011891 KY011865 KY011902 This study
  LC 6151 Phoenix canariensis China KY011892 KY011866 KY011903 This study
D. pustulata CBS 109742 Acer pseudoplatanus Austria KC343185 - KC343911 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 109760 Acer pseudoplatanus Austria KC343186 - KC343912 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 109784 Prunus padus Austria KC343187 - KC343913 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. rudis LC 6147 Dendrobenthamia japonica USA KY011890 KY011864 KY011901 This study
  LC 6145 Ilex aquifolium China KY011889 KY011863 KY011900 This study
D. saccarata CBS 116311 Protea repens, cankers South Africa KC343190 - KC34391 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. sclerotioides CBS 296.67 Cucumis sativus Netherlands KC343193 - KC343919 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. tectonendophytica LC 6623 Unknown host China KX986795 KY011857 KX999187 This study
D. tectonigena LC 6512 Camellia sinensis China KX986782 KY011856 KX999174 This study
D. ternstroemiae LC 0777 (ex-type) Ternstroemia gymnanthera China KC153098 KY011874 KC153089 This study
D. ueckerae LC 3564 Camellia sinensis China KP267912 KY011855 KP267986 This study
D. undulata LC 6624 Unknown host China KX986798 KY011858 KX999190 This study
D. velutina LC 4414 Lithocapus sp. China KX986788 KY011882 KX999180 This study
  LC 4419 Neolitsea sp. China KX986789 KY011883 KX999181 This study
  LC 4421 (ex-type) Neolitsea sp. China KX986790 KY011884 KX999182 This study
D. xishuangbanica LC 6707 Camellia sinensis China KX986783 KY011860 KX999175 This study
  LC 6744 Camellia sinensis China KX986784 KY011862 KX999176 This study
D. yunnanensis LC 6168 Coffea sp. China KX986796 KY011867 KX999188 This study
Diaporthe sp. LC 3156 Camellia sinensis China KP267861 KY011842 KP267935 This study
  LC 6170 Coffea sp. China KY011893 KY011869 KY011904 This study
  LC 6171 Solanum melongena China KY011894 KY011870 KY011905 This study
  LC 6232 Theobroma cacao China KX986797 KY011868 KX999189 This study
Mazzantia napelli AR 3498 Aconitum vulparia Austria - AF408368 EU222017 Castlebury et al. (2002)
Ophiodiaporthe cyatheae BCRC 34961 Cyathea lepifera Taiwan JX570889 JX570891 KC465406 Fu et al. (2013)
Phaeocytostroma ambiguum CPC 17071 Zea mays South Africa FR748036 - FR748068 Lamprecht et al. (2011)
  CPC 17072 Zea mays South Africa FR748037 FR748096 FR748069 Lamprecht et al. (2011)
Ph. plurivorum CBS 113835 Helianthus annuus Portugal FR748046 FR748104 FR748078 Lamprecht et al. (2011)
Ph. sacchari CBS 275.34 - Japan FR748047 FR748105 FR748079 Lamprecht et al. (2011)
Ph. megalosporum CBS 284.65 Rice-field soil India FR748045 FR748103 FR748077 Lamprecht et al. (2011)
Pustulomyces bambusicola MFLUCC 11-0436 on dead culm of bamboo Thailand - KF806753 KF806755 Dai et al. (2014)
Stenocarpella macrospora CBS 117560 Rain damaged Bt maize hybrid, 2003–04 season South Africa FR748048 DQ377934 - Lamprecht et al. (2011)
S. maydis CBS 117558 Traditional/landrace maize from 2003/04 season South Africa FR748051 DQ377936 FR748080 Lamprecht et al. (2011)
Valsa ambiens CFCC 89894 Pyrus bretschneideri China KR045617 KR045699 KU710912 Fan et al. (2014)
  1. *New species described in this paper are shown in bold.